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Jeffery Massey Feb 2016
WITNESS ME by Jeffery Massey 2016

I see you when u touch me so
Like the beat of a hummingbirds wing.
I Soften as  your burning gaze sets fire to my ❤,
As my soul so lightly trembles
Awash in your flowery fragrance
Drifting lightly ever so tender your rose petal hair;
Your Truth I hear, Your Voice so near
Shimmering Wind Chimes within my secret desire
Lost so long hiding the treasure within me you seek...
I see your piercing reality throughout time's arrow...
WITNESS me as your love see me too...
Jeffery Massey Feb 2016
The  roughness signifies my pain
my struggle my Grind in this life.
One way or another I continue to climb.  
The proverbial  ladder of life!
Isn't  it amazing how our bodies can
physically  reflect our pain and Internal  wellness.
My knits and Cuts, scrapes and burns
reminds me of what I've overcome and
how far I still need to go
I take my time though and treat myself well
and learn to be gentle
*** life has a way of reflecting pain and happiness.
All u have to do is look closely.
The signs are right in your hands.

— The End —