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13 Jun 2017
Break open the center and let it out
this nurtured, confounded realization of loneliness
as it spills. It gushes into the streets,
infecting everyone with an emptiness—unnoticed,
we’re walking amongst corpses that can’t smell their kind
till heads turn at the sound of someone living, screaming, writhing—

Like how we arrange lovers and hearts in cupboards in the mind
murderers and betrayers roam freely, killed often
no room for consolidation and refinement, schedules don’t permit
the need to feel is greater than the need to believe
and no words of wisdom or profundity can replace the hunger
to crave the flesh, the mind, the soul, becoming whole in anger and confusion—
Posted on September 12, 2015
SassyJ Feb 2016
Ever cruising , in the base ship
Now finding my feet on the ground
Muddy pathways ,
Pebbled alleyways,
River coursing eastwards

Give me the revelation
That I need to elevate
Give me the calibration
That I need to stimulate
All aligning, all aligning

We are divided, in the realities
Now finding sensate zones
Hearts entwining
Minds compassing
Many flowing for the cause

And they shall walk on the land
Their feet will sink in the pads
They will smile and trance
Fight then unite,
Recite in their might
All attuned, all aligned
For the audio Mix..... I thoroughly enjoyed mixing the tracks and making the beats from scratch.
I appreciate simplicity.
The mediocrity
Of being absorbed in my thoughts.
The life of a solivagant.
It's who I am.
It's all I know.
Do not deem me ill because
You have never sat down and
Explored the dynamics and complexities
Of your being because we are clearly not On the same mental or spiritual calibre.

— The End —