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J Dec 2018
exit out of netflix because I don't want to be distracted
I sit with the burning feeling of missing you entirely
your body hair, your violent laugh, the way you kiss  my back,
I let these feelings in because they are all I have left,
I learned love when I learned your body, what made you tick,
what made you happy, what dug holes in the side of your mouth and planted seeds in my chest, I learned love like this was the best I would ever get,
and now I know it was,
I learned love with you, like brand new shoes that take time to feel right, but these were the kind you never take off once because your favorite band had signed them,
I learned love like making up from fights before we went to bed,
I learned love was missing someone when you are with them,
yesterday you asked me if it was bad that you had missed me,
I laughed it off and today I could not get out of bed because it
smelled like you and the night we both know we should not have had,
I miss you so bad,
I learned love like high, high, high, euphoria,
and then nothing all at once
and I learned that even after your heart is ripped from your chest you have to carry on, standing up,
because you still love me, and you are still watching,
and I want to make you proud,
I learned love like being loud about it, shouting from the rootftops that you were mine and that our forever was bursting at the sides,
I learned love like high, high, high,
and now it is nothing at all,
I learned love like Crashing,
Low, unbearable low,
Pain from laughing,
Low, low, low,
Missing you everywhere I will ever go
J Nov 2018
Your rib cage was a poor place
To build myself a tightrope,
Even poorer place to make into a home
But I did it anyway,
You let me stay
Made a kingdom out of your face,
What a place, what a place
Em Apr 2016
You asked me to call
once I got home.
a place I'd never been before.
Before I met you

— The End —