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B00ks101 Oct 2019
Eggs, sugar, flour and butter.
The incantation that I mutter.
Heat, Time and a lightly greased pan.
What Alchemy! for the common man.
Purcy Flaherty Oct 2018
Oatcakes make great bikinis they're all the rage back home.

You can rap up your eggs and bacon; fill them with sausage and beans.

They're baked on a griddle or backstone; made from oats, flour and yeast.

You can wear them like potters bikinis or munch on a toasty cheese feast!

Staffordshire oatcakes
Charlie Gnarly May 2018
My baby got cakes,
and I want pan
But they only got cakes
so instead, I eat sand
A metaphor of my relationship with food.
I wish I took better
Care of my self
I regret not eating  more  healthier
Now I reap the consequences. .
Of  life time medication.
Àŧùl Feb 2016
Saint Valentine didn't know me,
He had no idea about the future,
And now, blatant Valentine's lies,
Time & again and even yet again,
For love I wholeheartedly strive,
But all I get is fake, fake feelings.

Not blaming Valentine am I now,
He sure gave a reason to spend,
Both time as well as the silver dirt,
Indirectly popping employment,
Not just for few - even for me & you,
Don't we try working harder daily?

Just in hopes of finding a better day,
Of course we want more silver dust,
A good job & a fuller-heavier pocket,
Men try hard for earning enough,
Women try harder for respect,
Don't they all selfishly strive,
Do their wishes get fulfilled?

What do the MBA's always market?
Lingerie & diamonds for the lover,
Do they not try to sell love away,
Love stuffed into teddy bears,
Lust dripping from the multiflavoured condoms,
And what else do they want to sell,
Do the cakes not suffice with all that fattening cream,
Or the cream-filled chilled/hot doughnuts?
Just a word: Be smart, don't spend extravagantly on stupid items for your lover and instead save money for future or rather donate it to some good cause.

If your love is pure and the lover is true at heart, then the relationship will survive the troughs, twists, turns and tests of time without the need for such extravaganza.

Think what good use you could have put the money you just wasted on the binge Valentine's week spendthrift spending...

Live life not in this moment, live wise, plan for the future and save well. If you have no worries for the future, donate happiness to a social cause.

My HP Poem #1027
©Atul Kaushal
Monika Nov 2015
It's that day today
somewhere years hence
When i was born
Moving on
from grumbling to gratitude
vanity to sincerity
That's when i realize
we're born new each day
with a choice and a million chances
to be better each day
And encounter the perfection that we are
just as we were created
in simplicity and love
so why not celebrate each day
greeting with a genuine smile
friends and family
acquaintances and enemies alike
Blowing candles on chocolate cakes
Instead why not let them burn for a change
as a reminder
of the eternal spirit...
It's my birthday today and this thought came up. It's not exactly a poem.
Oh how on earth am I going to
cut  out carbs today
For Six whole weeks.
If I loose a lot of weight
I am giving up those carbs
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