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I like this burning desire of mine which turned me into an unknown poet with a witty smile.
The hopes which never gets fulfilled
nani Mar 2014
There's this burning desire, that's igniting my heart,
It tangles my throat, my stomach and rips himself out.
I call that flame passion, it's probably caged.
From all the venom that surrounds this horrid, ****** place.
I feel like a puppet, with short and tough strings
They want me to do what is right to their means.
All this makes me sick, may I please throw up?
This place was so beautiful, what could have gone wrong?
It isn't that hard, we've all been deceived,
By two hateful men, one who doesn't even belong here.
It's also our fault, we should have seen through
All the paraphernalia those two put up for you.
Now one of them's gone, the other won't die,
And we're left to this mess, with and *** to the ward.
This donkey isn't working, most of us saw it coming
All he's brought are tears, death and more problems.
This desire wants to fight, and overcome this all
We could use a little help so this will blow up.
For now all we have is prayer and love,
Let that desire resist and the light will show up.
Venezuela, ¡resiste!

— The End —