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Kennedy Dec 2020
hey, bubby.
i just wanted to see
how you were doing. but, i guess,
this is my answer? it's weird,
in everything that hasn't been said,
i can still hear you loud and clear.
the days are getting shorter,
but they still feel long.
these are trying times, for everyone,
especially for you, though.
i hate seeing you this way,
i hate watching life take its toll on you,
watching the light drain from your eyes.
your smiles have become so scarce.
i want to hear your voice,
did you know i adore our nights together?
sometimes you talk, usually its very angry,
frustrated grumbles of temperatures,
and my moving way too much.
othertimes its sweet, unheard of things.
things i'm truly surprised by.
just the other night, you told me
i am beautiful,
that you like making me smile.
when i began to sniffle you held me,
you said it's okay to cry, especially
with you here for me.

hey, bubby.
now, i know i don't say it a lot,
you know i'm not the best with my words.
thank you.
you have treated me so kindly,
and you have shown me so much.
you, my darling, are so wonderful.
you are the brightest star in the sky,
just as beautiful as the full moon
both, inside and out.
and you're so bright, not just intellectually,
but in the most magical of ways.
you're the reason for analogies to exist.
MJL Feb 2019
Roll out your white carpet
Pour me some deep sea-pile bubbly baby
Love to just look at you beneath the bright beauty blue haze
Strut on you like big sparkly brown sugar stars
Wearin' glassy rock candy slippers
Feel your G-lamour under my foot
Stretching out on your warm frosty arrival
Check it out, La La
Everyone diggin' our dream for one cool coral minute
Peep's gawking at the wave we’re riding
Snap, snap, snap it all up
I wanna splash in you
Bask in you
Vision locked
Fandango style

© 2019 MJL
My beauty. Life is short and there's no better time than dancin' to the beat of our soulful fun...
Kayla V Barreto Oct 2014
At only two years old I already love you
With your droopy face and stinky breath
Or your big bear hands and stubby legs
But most of al I love it when you twerk

Because of you I always have a smile on my face
Because of you my face breaks out into hives
Because of you there's always hair on my pants
Because of you I wake up at night

You drive me crazy but I still miss you
You make me feel better when I'm upset
With your loads of energy it's hard to relax
But your snoring is such sweet sound to my slumber

Again I will say that I love you
When your face bounces
When you chase people away because you look "scary"
But the thing is that I love everything

About You!

— The End —