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This is me
Just a girl
In front of


A Behemoth


Not only did
You help me

What Jesus meant
About a 2nd *******

You helped me get
On top of things

Shortly after your
Final season

I posted all my pics
One day
The ****
Will hit
The fan
And I'll come out

Like Diaper

Hell and
Sally A Bayan May 2016

A not too loud explosion pierced the quiet hours
..................immediately after......lights went out

Twelve midnight, and two minutes later
there gently blew, a whiff of cool air,
brushed past my cheeks and shoulders
but...that was it

Every hot, humid second of every burning minute
took too long to get out of my sweating body
the heat seemed stationary
in the stillness of this limited territory

Lukewarm water
flowed out of the shower
being wet.......was brief
it didn't bring much relief

It was cooler....out at the verandah
but mosquitoes are more active in the dark
the flickering candlelight
teased them all the more, this moonless night

This should be a good time
to write
but my head feels limited...empty
swelling with something else, that is chilly
this silent.........uptight
uncomfortable summer night
...the hours, consumed with blight
a disappointment outright...

just waiting....for my eyes to give in
no longer defying,
but surrendering,
to the hot...humid
dark wee hours of the morning.


Copyright May 12, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
...either too dark , or too bright...makes us, weary...
Sy Lilang May 2014
(1:30 AM/ Brownout)

Ang alab Mo’y minsang inalay sa’kin
Syang naging mitsa ng pagkandirit ng himagsikan.

Ako’y nakakapaso
Magbibigay-liwanag sa madilim na kinagisnan,
Sa apat na sulok ng silid-aralan,
Sa lipunang may mabigat na ginagampanan
Tangan ang alab na umalarma sa pagkatao.

Nilisan ko ang liwanag
Kung saan akala ko’y dapat na maging kasanayan.
Ako’y Iyong tinubos
Sa mapanghusgang lipunan
May tatak sa noo, syang bukambibig ng madla
Salamat, nang ako’y maging pag-aari Mo
Nang ako’y pagharian Mo.

Gamitin Mo ako,
Pagkat ang liwanag, ang katuturan
Kailanma’y hindi mapupunan ng anumang salita
Nang sinuman..
Kung ang alab ay hindi Ikaw ang sentro
At kung ang lakas ay hindi mula Sayo.

Sukat ang buhay ko
Bawat luha ko, akala ko’y walang silbi’t walang kwenta
Ngunit iniipon Mo pala ang bawat butil nito
Minsan pala’y nakapapaso rin ito
Isalin **** muli, buohin Mo’t ihulma ang pagkatao.

Kung ang ilaw ay nakakahon
Kung ang sisidlan ko’y hindi ko lilisanin
Kung ang sarili’y hindi kikitilin
Nang magkaroon ng pangalawang buhay.

May ilang gagambala
Mga insektong hindi alam kung saan nagmula
Mamumuhunan sila’t magiging igno sa liwanag
At kung di lalakas ang alab,
Ako pala’y matutupok.

At sa hanging iihip,
Kung wala ang mainit na mga kamay
Na siyang yayakap at hahagkan sa akin
Ako’y maagang mahihimlay,
Mawawalang saysay ang pagkatubos sa akin.

Ngunit ang alab na ito’y
Kitilin man: kusa man at sa walang dahilan
Maari pang mabuhay, sa ikalawang pagkakataon
Sisindihang muli,
Luluha sa hapdi’t kirot ng kahapon
Ngunit ang bukas ay may kasiguraduhan
Na ang tatahakin ay hindi na tulad nang ngayon.

Binibilang na ang oras
Bawat minuto’t segundo
Maaring mapagal at maagang tamlayin,
Kung saan saksi ang kadiliman sa liwanag na taglay.

Ngunit bago maupos,
Ako’y may aabutin
Bawat sulok ay dadampian ng buhay
At magmamarka sa bawat haligi
Na kahit sa dilim, mayroong palang pag-asa.

(5/13/14 @xirlleelang)
Sy Lilang May 2014
(5/11/14 – 12:47 am/ Brownout)

I’m the li’l twinkling star
The nursery rhymes chant who I am
To where I’ve heard what their inklings are
And how they plainly wonder what I really am.

Today, I saw the multitudes of stars
Some shone, some have not
At this hour, some rage their trumpets
While others wear their Harry-inspired Invisible Cloaks.

I’ve watched them,
But they don’t grow fainter
They form constellations
Together, they bring out assorted emblems.

I asked, “Why am I alone?”
And “Why I can’t be joined with others?”
“Why I don’t need to conform?”

There were bags of issues
Emulating the others out there –
In the cosmic galaxy, the drudgery darkness
To where depth cannot be measured at all.

You faced me and told me
I was born for something
Maybe not for my delicate-reverie
But You moved me from where I am
To learn strength and endurance when I’m all alone.

I will then outshine, I will be known
My future tells me so
Not because of the light I’ll make
But because of what You’ve made me for.

There’s no one like You
For in my darkest hours, I still see You
Your glory has captured my thoughts.

You are the Moon in my eyes,
The only Moon that showed me
What it’s like to be in the light.

The dimness in me
Was brought out of me
And You then, are proof that Day exist.

The Great Sun will rise again
Oh, the Light, I can’t see it plainly
I’ll be blind if I’ll ever try looking at His rays
Yet, I know how marvellous He was
How perfect He was
For He is incomparable, beyond words.

You, my Moon, oh Jesus Christ
Because of You, I learned to value the dark
When I’m in it, I could view more of You –
Your fullness and how dark can’t ever obscure You.
You’ve also taught me the Half, the Crescent too
Then, glory by glory
I made known of You.

I will not fear
For even the clouds hinder us
I know, You’re still there;
I know I’ll see You again.

Even during the storms, You watch me
You bring light continually
You give hope to the universe
Speaking life wherever I go.

And just when I look at You
I know, that I, the li’l twinkling star
Will prolong my glistening
And You, on the other hand
Shall be reigning forever.

(5/12/14 @xirlleelang)

— The End —