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Tommy Randell Jan 25
Now here's a toast to the Hours
Chasing the Sundial round the Day
Let the Sun shine on the Sober
Let the Present never cease to stay

If Tomorrow there are Moments
The Past comes back to haunt us
We will raise a glass together
To the Truth our Life has taught us

As Brothers none more Equal
Each giving the other Pride of Place
Sometimes not choosing Wisely
But having impeccable Taste

On the Walk of Life, the Water of Life!
Let there be no parting between us
Let us never not drink Whiskey
Let us never not be Brothers

Blood is thicker than Water
Love ages better than Beer
Brothers count Time more Truly
With Laughter and with Tears!

Tommy Randell - 26th January 2021
We had a Day's Lockdown Walk to celebrate my Brother's Retirement Birthday. Here in England that is his 66th. Socially Distanced we walked to old haunts and talked Memories & Moments. We had a drop or two. We greeted a few friends passing by doing similar strolls through what is a very empty Yorkshire Town - un-naturally so in these difficult times. We never once Hugged each other - Hard for Us! We took 2 Photos, one of Him, one of me, and  I joined them together in PhotoShop... like you do.
The Photo of us is on one of my INSTAGRAM Pages. Just copy & Paste i
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Uisce beatha, is the name for whiskey in Irish. From Old Irish uisce "water", and bethu "life". The equivalent in Scottish Gaelic is rendered uisge beatha.

— The End —