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Grey Dec 2019
I'll always be there to cheer you up
even if the only way I can do that
is by bringing myself down.
Masha Yurkevich Feb 2019
That feeling
of guilt
just keeps on bringing
me down.
But one question
still remains
in me:
why do I feel the guilt
that you
need to feel?
Roseanna Aug 2018
Angels are withered,
Battered, like you.
Thrown to the dogs of society
Wings ripped anew.

Humans are punished
loved by few
Thrown to the dogs of society
Heads fixed askew.

Demons are tired
Spat out and chewed
Thrown to the dogs of society
Welcomed as crew.

Not meant to be political,
Except maybe a bit,
We are all  just people
And life is tough ****.
Trying out something new and risky! lets see the reaction.
Still a bitter poem, apparently that's my style?
I promise i'm ok,
celey Jul 2015
put your phone down
quit it with the selfies
i know those smiles aren't real
put that cancer bringing stick away
talk to me instead
i'll listen to what you have to say
let me be like the pillow
you whisper your dreams to
when no one else is around
let me be your friend
i only ever see you at parties
but i notice
i noticed the scars
and i noticed the bruises
and with every one out the door
when it's all finally over
i notice how you always stay behind
to help clean up
it's always my friends' parties
they aren't your friends but you help
with you trying to be nice
don't you just want
someone to be nice to you as well?
i can be that person
i will be that person
because i used to be the person you were
battered and everything much worse
but what's really got me irked
and conflicted
is how you can be nice to others
but not to yourself
is why you add trouble to your problems
rather than trying to rid of them
put the phone down
happiness isn't something you can fake
put that stick away
yes, the smoke you puff out
it's beautiful
only because it came from your lips
but remember
stress isn't something you can be free from
those sticks won't help
they could but only for a little while
never permanently
that phone and that stick is not your friend
but i can be
just look at me
talk to me

— The End —