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Jaxey Oct 2019
Loving you
Is like drowning
Reaching for the brim
Waiting for you to help me
Instead of learning how to swim
Why did you let me drown
Silverflame Nov 2018
How is it possible to feel
so empty, when the negative
thoughts keep piling up?
K Balachandran Oct 2018
Sari drapes her fine,
Couldn’t conceal what was meant;
Beauty is magic!
Nazrana Kalil Sep 2018
You fill me to the brim
Like coffee on a Sunday morning.
Ive always loved that about you, you never gulped, you never rushed.
You paused inbetween, inhaling the brewed coffee beans.
You dipped into the cup with love and wonder,
Always took little sips to make the feeling last longer.
Nayana Nair Mar 2018
I see you there
on the terrace of a house
that I must imagine,
for I have never seen it
in all the years we have been together-
your house-
that sits on the same piece of land as mine.
The roads,
the night,
the days-that separate us.
The words that fill
this huge space between us
little by little.
Trying to bring me closer to you,
these words day by day
fill this city to its brim.
Till I hear your heart
from miles away.
But I feel you are not mine
As your words, like poison
eat away my love.
I miss those streets, the nights.
I miss the days
when there was more to this world,
than you.
Forever loyal
As important as a growing coyol
Dirt poor or modest bank
Her stance never waned
All the buildings they built together caved
But she never waved
Goodbye to him
Even when hope was so slim
Some poor words were verbalized at the whim
But none of us work well when the skies are this grim
There's a sense of brim
I see
And it implodes me full of pertinent glee
It is hard to say
I now know
As the day
Goes by
She is the reason
My father stays sane
No need to hydroplane
I stay tame
I haven't written love off
With these women in the world
I love you, Mom
Thank you for teaching me what a real woman is like.
Thank you, Mom.
Evi Dent Halo Sep 2017
Brim fish.

Bottle open,
Dichotomus elopen'.

Brim fish-
Quite skittish.
Sees us
Fears this.
Great hand
"Reaching towards us!"

Hands have hurt
And have squeezed-
Have let us go
And forsaken our needs,
Hands have hurt
(Hands have healed)
Hands have cut our skins like bright orange peels.

Skittish fish
Stuck lip.
Skittish fish
May as well been whipped.
Skittish fish
(Hungry dish.)

Brim fish
Has a wish
To grow teeth
And be vicious.
FINV "Gold." v3 (7/22/17-8/10/17) by E. D. Halo
When fountain of life comes up to brim
When heart dangles and dances in whim
When a lover wants to just anxiously swim
When a growing stem needs actual trim

She is in prime with the real tasty fruits
In intoxication she dances with the shoots
When she sprouts all juice from the roots
So these are what are the real attributes

Oh, My love land lass  embrace, ,embrace
Take my dignity and give me your grace
Let me take you from tip to toe,face to face
Let love follow beauty from pace to pace

Col Muhammad khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
In sheer dejection one wants to touch brim of time
This is how things are realized and just acted upon
Man remains ungrateful and in a hurry not loyal
From dawn to dusk and from dusk to real dawn

What a spice is a man what all he carries just along
A guided animal taking conscious as his sole guide
Intends always to collect wealth and life to prolong
In all odds and tests is most illogical far and wide

Helplessness is within hopeless is but all around
Tries to run from death which is just predestined
His place is nowhere but from ground to ground
He never opens up but remains throughout detained

Let me be frank we are just travelers in transit camp
Where time determines our sole entry and our  exit
In the light of eternal lamp we either quit or put stamp
Either we go fit or unfit either in-debited or in profit

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
D I A Mar 2015
The silence broke
Shattering into a million pieces
Shards and dust...
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