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Canis Latrans Mar 2019
Smoldering, in a sea of cosmic smoke.
Burning, in a dazzling blaze of glory.
Dying, brightly.
For all the stars to see.
Johnny walker Jan 2019
When first I met my
sweetheart It was If
she reached Inside
me and tied a ribbon
of light around my
That where once a
heart so dark did beat
she shone a light so
bright that's dimmed
since she's been
She reached In and placed  Ribbon light  around my heart that shone so bright but then dimmed when she passed away
JayceeJellies Mar 2016
She's a firefly; so fragile and weak,
but her light shines brightly, always.

She refuses to see
why she should fix her
Anxiety; Hypochondria
and other things

I only want what's best for her
so that maybe someday she'll see the embers
Ann M Johnson Sep 2014
Today the sun was shining brightly a  Indian Summer Day!

— The End —