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Andrew Choo Mar 2018
The edge of a blade
I prayed
For second chances
Until it happened to me
Unfortunate circumstances

The score setter,
Conviction letter,
The get good getter;
That hurting someone is
Gonna make me feel better.

This life that I live
Is a warrior’s craft
Hanging by life’s raft
Ninjas and samurais
Gang and clan ties.

You gotta hang me
Stand by me
You know, it’s hard.

Life’s near impossible
Whether life allows
Or disavows
These are my vows
For better or for worse,
Till death do us part.
Part me, part facade.
Am I a fraud?
I just don’t know.

Back to the future
Hover board
Sinking and drowning,
19 and counting.

Two sides of the same story
Anger and despair
Hope and peace
Broken pieces.
Broken heart,  
Shattered mind.

A life,
Destined for greatness…
Only to fall short
To slip up
And never get picked up.

Feeding memories,
Feeding thoughts,
Dreams killed,
Nightmares born.

Let me ask you a question:
Have you ever looked down…
The barrel of a gun?
To face death
In the midst of life;  

Shot down because
I just wasn’t
Good enough.

Not enough good luck.
Lucky number three.
Son, brother, outcast.
Shunned from reality’s past.
Friend, family, fake fronts,
Fighter, thinker, life stunts.

Angels telling me to stay, retreat.
Demons yelling at me to hit replay, repeat.
Me? Staring at a bedroom wall
Calling, pleading with God
To Control-Alt-Delete.

Life’s ******;
From what I foresee,
I’ve gotten third degree…

We’re told to
Have a fire.
A fire that never
Gets put out.

We’re told to
Reach for the stars,
And never give up.

Told to
Be bold and
To be brave.

Told to
Be the best and
Only the best.

Told that
We only…  
Live once.

But here I am,
Telling you to
Live and to last.

You see,
All my life,
I’ve had
Angels and demons
All around me.

This broken world;
It surrounds me.
But His grace;
It astounds me.

His peace covers me
Like the trust between lovers be
His Spirit hovers over me.

To live and to last,
To look to the future,
Embrace the present,
And accept the past.

Despite my darkest days,
God always provides
Now, here I hide;
In His brightest lights.
AprilDawn Apr 2014
Tall hedges rustle
bullied by icy breezes
beat against the window
  relentless neon Buick sign
pushes the insistent light
of capitalism
through cream lace curtains
after sunset  .
A poem  chronicling my   New England  adventure. My daughter and I  moved to Massachusetts  in  Oct of 06-June 08 .Inspired by  such wonderful scenery  with lush spring and summer beauty , wonderfully dramatic  falls  and long winters , I wrote  and took many pictures  .Our rental home  was  behind  a car dealership .My  bedroom  had two sets of windows  that needed   several layers of drapes to block out the light.

— The End —