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Wendy Buckley Mar 2019
Don't tell me how you feel.
I have heard this all before.
I know what you say isn't real.
I can't believe what you say anymore.

I know you'd like to believe, that you aren't as transparent as you are.
But I know how you love to deceive.
And I really don't need another scar.

You need to just move on.
Your eggshells are everywhere.
They're to sharp for me to walk upon.
I don't need to because I no longer care.
Jordan Dec 2018
I found your purple keychain in the back seat of my car.

I remember there was a time when I felt like I couldn’t drive another mile with it dangling from my dashboard.
Pulled over on the side of the road - **** this and what it stands for.

Your idea of romance was buying everything you found in my favorite color.
Coming home with fists full of lavender to make up for a night of fists flying through the air.

Purple was a sign of forgiveness - a token of love where I didn’t ask for it.

I have a box full of love letters written in lilac ink that don’t feel like they’re addressed to me
and your purple keychain with my initials engraved on the back.

I wonder how you could possibly say that you loved me
you didn’t know me at all
Desyrae Jul 2018
I am childish
And foolish
To think that if I
Kept bringing her darkness
She wouldn't shy away
And turn towards anything
Anything that was brighter
I was foolish
To believe
That I could ever be
The water she needed
To grow and live
When I
Was the acid
Burning through her roots

— The End —