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Ritz Writes Apr 2
From a distance, I could picture myself and ponder
How life could've been easier
I wonder
The pillar and figure
To seek comfort.
Reality took the turn
Twist of fate, no signals to warn.
A lone wanderer on a hunt
Faced the trouble and bore the brunt
Walked through the ashes and pieces
Lost in the crowd,
Numb from the voices too loud.
I shunned away from all
"I am brazen and bold."
I don't care about the label
'cause I am misfit
I am the Rebel.
Pen in my hand
Thoughts to pour out and rant.
An Error 404 found in the delusional world of perfection.
Ritz Writes Jan 19
I don't want a day to celebrate.
I want a life to celebrate each day with every fibre of my body;
That screams
That shout
That feels
That makes me more humane towards perspective.
Towards change
Towards voice
Towards life.
Let me be me.
Love Yourself
Ritz Writes Dec 2018
I am not shy to be a woman.
I am not shy to raise my voice.
I am not shy to own my body.
I am not what others pour their hatred upon me.
Oh! So many hurts and slur comments;
Labels and taglines your pour on a woman who earn their strip.
" Unedited, Raw and Unabashedly"
Take me for who I am.
You think it is not ladylike to sit or pose.
And if you think I care;
I don't owe anyone an explanation.
Talk The Talk.
Raise your Voice if you wanna be heard.
Ritz Writes Dec 2018
Hustle and Struggle;
The world may not know your pain
Chin up lil kid
The sweats on your brow won't go in vain.
Climbing the stairs of success bit by bit
Standing aloof in a crowd where I don't fit.
Sleepless night, exhaustion from the fights
Won't stop the chase
Till I become the best.
Never Back Down.

— The End —