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Eleanor Jan 2020
We’re saying so much but meaning so little,
Phone screens and egos so fragile and brittle.

Apparently, the Nazis are ‘defending free speech’
And the crowds yell, scream: Impeach Him, Impeach!

Facebook cures all ills,
Philosopher's use characters not quills.

You don’t need pen to paper for us to know that you hate her,
No voice pitch needed to call her a *****.

How many words does it take to ruin a life?
Trump once did it in eight,
While Boris perpetuated hate,
Witch Hunt! Fake news! Trouble and strife.

Do I like this or just agree?
This perfect world prepared for all to see.

A world ripped apart by quarrelling leaders of ‘great’ nations.
Are we destroyed by too much or too little communication?

— The End —