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Megan Sep 2019
I screamed in my heart
-just one more mile-
As I scratched at my chest
-keep me a while-
Motel 6 with an arco out front
But we passed it like we were on the run
So fast but
the fuel that kept us going was running past

A little line

Like a race
And I’m the hare in first place
I took it for granted
Forgot my own morals
And you were the tortoise who would have endured the miles
And just like the rats in their cage
We chewed through the bars that kept us from exploration only to be caught up
In exasperation
I’m tired
Too tired
And we got sick
Of the race — of keeping up with each other and in the end
We couldn’t put us back together again
I mean like rough rough y’all...
Megan Sep 2019
I feel like Icarus;
a lead ballon.

For I know I am
On the ground—

It’s Cold
And I’m Cold


Flying to close to the sun;
It was hot-
We were hot.

I just flew too close-
While trying to leave
the atmosphere

I popped and
my wings melted;
And now?

I’m just cold
A lead balloon on the ground.

Or I’m Icarus and I’ve drowned
But it’s still the same
Cold and going down
It’s been... rough
Megan Oct 2015
I like to stop
and think. And
jump and sing.
Also I like to breathe
and know
that I'm alive
with you
Megan Mar 2019
Tiny dots on an endless timeline.
That's what these are.
These pictures scattering the floor
These memories scattering in life.

These rules we have in place.
These hands we must hold.
These words we must say without being told.

But I love the life.
These things we have.
Memories in my mind
Scattered in my hands

I will remember you fondly
I will remember you dear

I always wanted you here.
Pictures. I’ve got too many.
Megan Mar 2019
Quiero un besito.
one is all I need to get me through the day
and I haven’t seen you in a while

so let me be of some trouble
and take me by mis manos
porque quiero un beso
I’m practicing something
Megan Apr 2018
It could be the ***
or the sun
because it's hot

It could be the beer
or the wind
because it's loud in my ear

It could be the night
or the moon
because it's nature's right

That I feel this way
With you

and I don't care because
whatever we do
I'll be able to do whatever
with you
bored in love is a random collection of my own day to day thoughts on my own relationship
Megan Jul 2018
I’m upset.

But the type of upset that has no words;
The type of upset that doesn’t feel like anything;
The type of upset that I should have known would come back.

I’m lost.

But the type of lost where I know where I am physically but not mentally;
The type of lost where I’m doing what I’m doing but I don’t know how I’m doing it;
The type of lost that keeps me from forgetting what I still know.

I’m angry.

But the type of angry that keeps me calm;
The type that leaves me speechless;
The type that helps me reign in my rampage.

I’m here-
And there-
And lost and scared.
Can’t breathe-
It’s just me.

It’s just me.
Bored in love ?
Megan Mar 2018
I like late night drinks
in late night yards
with late night fires
that can keep me warm

I like late night rides
in late night parks
with late night stars
that can brighten the dark

I like late night love
in late night times
with late night you
that can power my heart

I like late nights
in this small town
with close friends
all around

I like the blur
from the bud
and the buzz
from the *****

I like my hair--
the sky--
the world--
and why lie?

I love you
Im bored in love
Megan Feb 2018
I don't know how to cook a cake
Or bake it?
I can't dance or sing
But I can fake it.

The world to me?
It's scary--

admittedly true
I'm there
with you
lalalalalalalalala im going crazy tbh
Megan Feb 2018
Hands together
Hands not
yours in mine
mine in yours
let go
hold on
--Ow you hurt me!
let go
--Just our pinkies then?

and we walked down another aisle
of a not so crowded store
in a not so crowded town  
a promise dangling between us
and forever on my mind
bored in love is a series with no end

— The End —