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Nadia Sep 26
Rhyming Review - Sorry I'm Late, I Didn't Want to Come by Jessica Pan

Introverts unite
(separately, of course),
This book is for you,
Jessica Pan is your force

For a year she denied
Her introverted tendencies
She e-dated for friends
Gave up shy dependencies

She tried stand up comedy
She spoke at the Moth
She signed up for improv
Things that make shy ppl froth

Her anxieties could have come
Straight out of my own head
You could try extroverting
Or watch Jessica try it instead

You will learn new tricks
While you frown and cringe
Or snicker sympathetically
Through your reading binge
This book was awesome!!! I listened to it while my podcast app was glitching and I am so glad I did.
Nadia Aug 31
Rhyming Review - The Consuming Fire by John Scalzi

An amusing adventure in outer space,
Watching an alternate human race
Scheme for power and fight to survive
- They need each other to stay alive

Travelling space through the flow,
The shoals are the only way to go;
Except the shoals are fading out
And vital connections are now in doubt

Grayland II, in their resplendency
As Emperox of the Interdependency,
Is responsible for billions of souls
And must prepare them for shifting shoals

Her many foes would seize the throne
Fortunately Grayland's not all alone
Her friends, while clever number few;
Time is running out, can they pull through?

NCL 2019
Expressing my appreciation of books through poetry. Thoroughly enjoyed this 2nd book in the Interdependency series - maybe you will too :)
Nadia Jul 26
The Lemon Sister By Jill Shalvis

The Lemon sisters used the be close
They shared everything
But people grow up and grow apart
And lives quickly unstring

An accident left Brooke damaged
With more than visible scars
She left everyone she loved behind
To hide in the city of stars

Mindy, the control freak, is burnt out
But really, can you blame her?
She’s got the - three kids, a shop
And husband who’s a doc - disclaimer

Mindy and Brooke need each other
To face challenges holding them back
Add in second chances at romances
Laughter, healing and a clown attack

This book is an amusing ride
Through living with ghosts of the past
And mending complicated relationships
To find happiness that can last
it's more fun to review books with a poem. If you're into romance, this one is a sure bet.
I shall fill the hole you left in my heart with books.
That way it can know what a happily ever after can be.

— The End —