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Lawrence Hall Feb 20
This letter, is to inform you, about a
bomb threat
that we received this, morning. Name of a Name
Unified Consolidated ISD,
a State-Recognized School of Somethingness,
Where Kids Come First under the theme of
All The Kids All The Curriculum All The Time
is committed, to the safety and education
of all our students and We Are Number One,
Go #Thundercatbears!, ‘Cause We are #All-Hashtagged
in Unity and Oneness. We also, want
to clearly communicate with split infinitives
And crazy commas all over the place
to parents about safety issues when they
get found out arise.

This morning, a phone call, was received,
by the receptionist at

Elementary School and Essential Spirit
Dreams New Dawn Progress Learning and
Technology Center of the Future

stating a


was present, on the campus.
After conferring with the Threat Assessment Team,
The Standard Response Protocol team,
the Chinkypin-Lizard Lick Police Department parked in the handicapped spaces at Tia Jolene’s Goremay Eats ‘n’ Bokays out next to the Interstate,
the cheerleader sponsors,
our attorneys,
and Superintendent Dr. Hamestus Goodoleboy “Spike” Ponsonby III,
the students were rapidly, and efficiently evacuated
to a safe area up in the football bleachers
where they would be more obvious targets
and the school was professionally and thoroughly
swept for anything suspicious and untoward.
During this time,

when no students were in danger,

another call was received stating that  gunshots
were fired in the school. There were no gunshots,
fired in the school and

no children were in danger at any time.

Currently, we’re are is allowing students,

who were never in any danger,

to return to school as usual

where there was never any danger at any time.

We will have extra counselors and therapists available
if students or parents needs supports are
counsolining in spelling ‘n’ sentence structure.

The students were never in any danger at any time.

All threats to our school where

their was never any danger

and students who were never in any danger

will be taken seriously immediately
and thoroughly and investigated
thoroughly and fully except for that call
last week that we managed to keep covered up.
We wanted to inform you of the correct facts
because our correct facts are the only facts
so you can discuss them with your child/ren
Of any race, ***, color, creed, religion,
or gender identification or not
and emphasize the seriousness of our facts,
which are the only facts. If you discover
Any facts untoward or out of place please contact us
At the district office at
*** *** xxxx ext ***
or the Chinkypin - Lizard Lick Police Department
immediately and thoroughly.

No children were in, danger at any time.
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:
It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.

Lawrence Hall’s vanity publications are available on as Kindle and on bits of dead tree:  The Road to Magdalena, Paleo-Hippies at Work and Play, Lady with a Dead Turtle, Don’t Forget Your Shoes and Grapes, Coffee and a Dead Alligator to Go, and Dispatches from the Colonial Office.
HYA Jul 2017
Andali ng mga taong maniwala
Sa mga sabi-sabi ng ating madla
Ang mga mali ay ginagawang tama
Totoo, mga tao'y nagkakasala

Sila'y tutulungan, sila'y magagalit
Kung sila'y tutulong, dapat may kapalit
Kagaya nalang ng pabahay ng gobyerno
Maliit daw kaya sila'y nagreklamo

Mga reblede sa Marawi, kumikilos na
Ang kinatakutang martial law, dineklara
Ang iba'y nagalit, ang iba'y nagsaya
Halaga ng Pinas, meron ba talaga?

Binomba ang mga importanteng lugar
Ewan kung seryoso ba o pang-aasar
Ngunit 'di na nakakatawa itong kilos
O, Diyos ko, kailan ba ito matatapos?

Konti nalang ang mga gumagamit ng droga
Ang iba'y sumuko, ang iba'y patay na
Nagtatago pa ang mga natitira
Upang ang kanilang buhay ay maisalba

Ano pa nga ba ang ating ginagawa?
Halina't tayo ay sumugod sa gyera!
Kung saan ating naaabot ang tala
Kung saan kinakaibigan si karma
Dunno but hindi talaga ako satisfied sa kalabasan neto hahahha, baka dahil ginawa ko to for compliance but nah.

Checkout our poem for the sabayang pagbigkas entitled "Nasaan Ang Sinasabing Pagbabago?' This poem is our second option, btw. However, I like the first one better hehe. Thanks for reading~

— The End —