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Pastell dichter Jan 2017
Wanting to be a different person is hard because I want to be a ***** with blond hair and blue eyes and to have a big strong boyfriend.
But I also want tattoos and pale skin and to shave the sides of my head and dress in button ups and ties and to have a deep voice.
Or I could be tall and thin with long hair and a skirt and a cute voice and big sweaters and a little fluff.
But I also want to be a boy with a broken heart to mend and wear makeup and to fix myself.
I'm none of these
I'm a person who wants more
I want to be different
But I'm just me
And I'm getting better at liking just me
B P Dec 2015
if this body was
not mine. would i still hate it
and treat it the same?
treat yourself right. I love you.

— The End —