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Rod Redpath Jan 21

The lines run down my back
Crossing over the other
Each having a purpose
Each telling a story
Giving a bit of history
Showing some love
Needle as a brush
Blood as the paint
Skin being the canvas
Finish product is art
Pain coming with the work
It is not to brag
It has meaning
It is
My history
My future
My legacy
Molly Eli Apr 2020
Into nothingness
Never allowed to be who I am
I just want some freedom
I don't care what it is
I want to dye my hair purple
And get a nice lip ring
I want gauges in my hears
And to get some more piercings
I want to get a tattoo
One that says, '*******'
I also what some help
To not feel so suppressed

I have never been myself
Even when I am around people I love
Because no one really likes me
Though I like to be myself, it's fun
All that I'm saying, is it's just a little dye
A little hole in my skin
That will go away when I'm done
Please oh please
Just let me be myself
I want to be different
I'm currently somebody else

I know you don't get body art
Or the fact that it's just as beautiful as a poem
I know that you wouldn't want to look at me
Even though I'm stuck in your home
All I'm asking
Is for you to allow me an identity
This person that I am right now
Is not the real me
I just want some help
To not feel so suppressed
I'm a smart person, I'm in all the good classes, but I don't like looking like a stupid little blonde everywhere I go. I hate not having body art, it just feels like my face is a canvas I'll never get to paint, and my hair is the frame that I never got to pick.  I don't care what people think about me. I don't think they'll like it. But people have to understand, that people don't get body art to impress, they get it because our body is a blank canvas.
Asonna Oct 2017
Two bears lie on my arm.
They show my mother and me.
The love for her is permanent,
It's tattooed on my skin.

A whale sits on my foot.
It has no loving feeling.
It's a funny little story,
Impulse control got the best of me.
so now that sad whale,
is tattooed to my skin.

Little croc, he rides my shoulder
He's holding a balloon.
First piece in colour, but i need more
tattoo 3 is a permaddition to my skin.

My next piece will ride my side.
the story is a little sadder,
Traditional style in blacks and blues,
An iceberg to show my secrets.
An iceberg to show pain and sorrow,
Hidden deep below.
That tattoo inspires,
to make me wanna be better.
So I think it's a fine addition,
A new tattoo to add to my skin.
WistfulHope Feb 2015
Scrape the safety out of my eyes
Let the tears wallow, watch me cry
She saw my wrists and laughed at me
I've "cursed myself" is what she believes

She never understood
My favorite type of art
Tells me it's evil work
And I'm breaking her heart

Ancient tongue we no longer speak
Upon my skin in chants to preach
Simple font in words concrete
I write about the things I've seen
Sooo much inability to form coherent thoughts. Sorry my writing ***** guys.

— The End —