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Victor Fuhrman May 2020
She completed all of her karma
Nirvana to be her new home
So compassionate was her dharma
That she vowed not to leave us alone

She saw human kind as her charges
Stayed to free all from suffering and fear
The promise of Quan Yin enlarges
To love all and dry every tear

The great chant will make us take notice
Her compassion and love in full bloom
“Hail the Jewel in the Lotus”
“Om Mani Padme Hum”

© Victor Fuhrman
Possum living Feb 2019
Often I feel trapped in worlds opposed to each other

In one, I am a cog in this insidious machine, always painfully aware of my complicity in the assault on the only Earth

But in the other, I am free from the toils of man

I am a Bodhisattva in loving service to our mother in her time of need, vowing to save every last one of her children

Where will I turn today?
Duke Thompson Apr 2015
HanShan said
'Just the other day
A demon became a Bodhisattva.'
Gives me hope
Now I go too
Find my mountain
Desolation Peak
Write my own poems
On bamboo
And rock
See HanShan, a Chinese poet
Connor Apr 2015
Oh ferocious angels,
lionesque children of Eden
on narrow streets and polluted alleyways
whispering cruel things to each other,
you're radiant in your belligerence
and as my enemies you are virtuous.
Beside me in this carpeted rectangle room
a faint glow exhales
from the tall alpine ivory lamp illuminating
firefly wings of blossoms
alluringly exuberant in the afternoon sun-ray
diamond shine and shimmer.
Dusty tin roofs billow
firewood smoke in the thick violet shade fog over-top cabin potted
mountains and hills sprouting firs and rose bushes abounding.
Spectrum cast chandeliers echo staircases which
jot up and up arduous ruby landings,
hardwood floor cracked
and stacks of novels ballast the senescent hallways
of bookshops where poets works and journals diaries and memoirs blur
the serpentine walls with memories.
Angelic the soul which is too often contaminated with
avarice rebellious to concord living
harmonious midst dew grass and calm waters in residential lakes
empathy equanimity, far from Bodhisattva.
Few kinds of darkness transcendental
subduing other darkness to a weak shadow.
There's an importance to admiring the delirium of metropolitan roads on roads
this intricate unspoken connection to those who
rest by stoplights and crawling traffic metallic molten aura of
cars in July heat.
Paying attention to the open window of adjacent apartments
where Mr. Norris waters his tulips and shares this moment
modern meditations practiced
finding a balance in such an anxious
volatile world like this.
Oh ferocious angels, impetuous
forlorn seraphs,
sing! sing and soar!
Boundless is our ardor
and our passion.
Unenclosed is the lion
in it's bloom.
Matt Feb 2015
Boundless energy
Eternal Light
Gone beyond all fear

Form is emptiness
Emptiness is form

Buddham saranam gacchami
Dhammam saranam gacchami
Sangham Saranam gacchami

I have come to help all beings
And deep inside
I have the most wondrous heart

I must cultivate Ren
Human heartedness

Know the male, but keep the female,
Being the universal river-valley,
Being the the universal river-valley,
One has the eternal virtue [te] undivided
And becomes again as a child

They tried to banish me
No No No

Boundless light,
Boundless energy
Ten-thousand eyes
Never tire of seeing

I will return
I must help all sentient beings

In giving
I will receive the greatest gift!

Buddham saranam gachammi
Dhammam saranam gachammi
Sangham saranam gachammi

It's love
Know the male, but keep the female,
Being the universal river-valley,
Being the the universal river-valley,
One has the eternal virtue [te] undivided
And becomes again as a child

This is an excerpt from a work by Alan Watts entitled,
Tao: The Watercourse Way
a fearful thought or idea
enters my head and
robs me of my serenity

the center of all my obsessions
is me, and the only things that helps
me get out of myself is
being of service to others

I ain't no bodhisattva,
but I think they had it right.
Even if you become an englightened being,
what's the point of being aware and free
if you aren't willing share it and help
others to be free.

— The End —