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Sharon Talbot May 2020
I heard about the sloop John B.
When I was fourteen.
I had learned to sail in a storm
And the story gave me daring,
Although I had lost control,
Tightening the sail
Instead of letting it out
In a sudden gale.
And just in time, a boat passed
With a man who shouted,
“Loosen the main sheet!”
As the boat heeled to starboard,
And I nearly capsized.
But discovered a fair wind
And the ease of a beam reach.
So my first time was the worst,
And best…
But adrenaline fueled desire,
To do this again and again!
This is a fond memory, which really happened, but I like to apply it to life, except when I'm feeling adventurous!
Karijinbba Jul 2019
May in Kemah's new
May a girl be planted
and there she shall bloom
a Texas queen of song
of name and country

may a girl be reborn to grow
to play the game of canoe
with a cute little ruddy boy
by the Galveston's lake's shores

May the two bloom right
where planted near by
a boy and a girl living
perfectly safe childhoods
divine cherished and adored along with many brothers
and sisters
aunts and uncles cousins
all well to do educated gifted
talented society's best
of benefactors to humanity

famous among the elite most prestigious and highly intellectual entrepenours

So that boy and this girl
may grow up living
life to the fullest going to
same schools

loving the out doors under
the starry sky camp
marry and live happily ever
after in another life

In Kemah by Galveston shores
a cute boy and lovely girl shall find each other again

beautiful inside twin smiles outwards  
as were in this lifetime
twin souls found again and again
both shall bloom where
planted intitled
timeless spaceless two as one
twin flame twin souls
All rights reserved.
Two souls planned it this way
and so shall it be.

Inspired by Rdd-Jpc
for Bba-Asg
C H A T A N T May 2019
Above and below, I go.
To and fro, to and fro.
I'll row my rowing boat
To touch every jelly fish
And kiss every sharks lips.
Then I'll row,
Far across the star filled sea
To dance and bounce
On a whales leather belly.
And if he's hungry,
Perhaps I'll let him take a
Small bite out of me!
EJ Lee Jan 2019
The strength of the waves
Caused by other boats
Makes mine rock
Back and forth
Side to side
Making everyone lose their balance
Causing objects to fall and crash
Doors to slam
Against the wall and frame
This is my sanctuary
The place that I can all mine
Rigmarole Sep 2016
I find pleasure in the smallest of things
in the glass like wings that a cicada brings
and from the small brown bird in springtime when she sings

I am amazed at the little things
like the slate blue sails of a boat in flight
and a moth who flies into the bright light

I fall in love on a daily basis with feathers I find in the oddest of places
and the ocean spray that splashes the faces
of giggling people in boats at the races
Paul Butters Aug 2016
On the East Coast of England there’s a small resort
Called Cleethorpes, where I happen to reside.
And out towards the Pleasure Park
A short way from the shore
There is The Boating Lake.

I love to go there on a still, sundowning evening
When the parking is free.
To walk those walkways around the lake,
Dreaming I’m on Starfleet Academy Campus.
Walkways flanked by lawned hillocks and shrubs.

The lake is fringed by red-flowered reeds
And punctuated by ducks and geese.
Families and couples roam about
As I sit in meditation
Watching and listening
To the central fountain play.

Such a tranquil scene,
Far from the madding crowd.
Go over the bridge and cross the mini-railway line:
Before you reach the saltmarsh and the sea
You’ll find a stretch of shrubbery and trees
A haven for the birds
And for me,
As I walk my favourite path.

The lake is thus a prelude
To some splendid growth
As nature does its thing.

Serene and tranquil everything
A spiritual feeling
As I meditate
Beneath multi-layered clouds
Under endless sky.

Paul Butters
One of my favourite haunts.

— The End —