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William de klerk Mar 2018
If pen and paper should serve as sword and shield.
I would willfully wound those
with lashing tongues
as a knight to those without ink.

I would pass down my pen
through generations
filling countless books
with bitter truths.

I would tell a thousand stories
of beauty and wonder
in my written world

and mend mind and soul
in cursive letters to my loved ones.
that only they can read.

But a pen is a double sided sword
that writes in fading letters
leaving space to fill false truths

What of the history
in languages lost long ago
that’s rewritten by the victors ?

And the books burned because of ignorance?

Propaganda and lies
like plagues in our history books.

The pages become stained
by the blood of those written out.

So when we pick up our pen
and write to make others bleed
they do bleed ,
nearly as much as the hand we write with

We can write to do good, and to help others. Sometimes we don’t see that things are written from a point of view . To the writer it maybe be correct , but to another side it could be unjust. The history we learn shows this perfectly.

— The End —