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Voyagepoetry Jun 2018
I send my dreams to the space in a shooting rocket aiming for the stars ,
but afraid of the sun's heat.

Earthy colors gives the life,
Green grass greets my eyes,
Shades of blue sea buy my blues,
In return for dozes of internal beauty.

I send my wishes to the clouds,
Could they be carried not lost or hurt ,
From thunder , lightning or the lame world.

May heavy clouds let the rain down,
Watering the flowers fixed in my heart ,
carrying faith holding tightly despite the fears,
May the heavy clouds become light in weight,
Healing the hurt wishes ,
For a safe ride home.

I send my words to my pen,
Pages Pounding with colors though the ink is black .

I blend with nature made by almighty god ,
To breath in life and then my soul is renewed.

— The End —