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Brandon Conway Jun 2018
A flake of gold I found in your soul
A boom town it shall never be,
Except for the one digging your hole
How you were left suffering.

Curse those murderous mines
And **** those mosquitoes,
I wish it were me a thousand times
Your soul off to greener meadows.

Don't be scared to cross the gate
Baron Samedi now guides,
Loneliness to acclimate
A widow's final goodbye.

"I never knew afterwards for how many hours of that journey I had flown with a corpse for company because, when I landed, the man was quite dead." ~ Beryl Markham
Frank Ruland Jul 2014
My name is
A namesake--
from my grandfather.
He was a great man

I am 23--
acting past my age.
is a strong suit.
I didn't have a childhood.

Sickness ravaged me,
my littler sister.
I grew out of it.
She didn't get past age

School years weren't too bad.
I was always the runt
but I always had
bigger friends.
I was lucky.

I got bigger.
Got my tail kicked
a couple times.

Those were my younger years.
Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen.
"If you're gonna be
stupid, be tough."
I learned quick.

Somewhere in there I
fell in love.
I didn't get back up
so easy.

Could dedicate a whole book
to my broken heart.
I'd rather not.
Read my poems.

Had my pick of friends
to hang with after.
Picked right.

Swallowed whole by a monster
they called,
Chewed me up--
spit me out.

Came out tougher.
A semi-soldier.
Saw some things
that made me think.

Wanted to learn.
Grow wiser.
I would've traveled
the world
had I the money.

I departed for college.
Didn't know what my
calling was.
Still not sure
where I fit in.

Current day:
life proves interesting
day in and day out.
Some days are good--
the others? Not.

Got a steady job
running a kitchen.
It's good, honest
Some days are stressful.

I drink
to take off the edge.
thank you for
Budweiser Black Crown.

Always cautious.
Always carry a knife.
Never known when
might turn to strife.

Old habits
die hard.
And scars?
Well, they just

I speak well
past my days.
Words my youthful
counterparts at work
don't yet understand.

I get by
one day at a time.
I can only live
and make myself

— The End —