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peacholivet Nov 2021
The chocolaty panache
And coffee sensation
The shimmering elegance
And sparkly finish
Skin so unique
With earthly flamboyance
The daring charisma of the African skin
Black is indeed beautiful
Sanaa Jan 2021
Dear Police,
My skin color isn’t a weapon
Although it seems like blackness
Is a gun in a white man’s perception
We are amazing
But don’t get enough time to show it
My brain functions as good as yours
Until you use your gun to blow it
How one black person acts
Shouldn’t ruin my reputation
You purposely attack my kind
And that’s the definition of discrimination
If you just let us live
You’d learn we are plentiful
But what you really don’t understand is
My black is beautiful.
the black rose Apr 2018
just a young chocolate girl, in a toxic world. dipped in caramel and glitter with some tight chocolate curls.
how are you young chocolate girl?
are you happy and healthy?
are you successful and wealthy?
do you smile? do you laugh?
are you stuck in the past? are you over-thinking life?
why you quit on yourself? why you quit on the world?
hoping to be free like the normal girls.. that are living faster than the moral girls,
how you 20+ with no morals girl?
how you still let them young boys get to you,
how you less paid and more ******?
never mind that,
how your body on fleek but your mind whack?
how don't you miss an event?
trying to impress those that care it hard to pretend?
you, young chocolate girl? are you lost in this world?
you should be searching your soul,
and setting your goals.
growing, knowing, minding your business.
$1,000 shoes and Gucci purses ain't at the top of your wish list.
you don't do it for the gram and you too focused on your goals to be dumb over a man.
you just do it like you planned and they do it like they can. why they just gossip like they fans?
set an example young chocolate girl, you gotta be strong for the younger chocolate girls.
you gotta teach her that its more to the world.
that love and unity means more than diamonds and pearls.
shape her and grow her, help her to get her **** right.
while you get it right so you can be bright and shine upon her, cause these little flowers need light.
  young chocolate girl.. dont wait on the world.
be happy,
you are peace and you are love.
never lose your sparkle, you are a star from above.
you are the sweetest creation, and you are blessed beyond what you see.
don't settle, dust settles. it will get better.
so seek and don't be blind and then you will find that everything is yours already if you just free your mind.

oh, and young chocolate queens.. lead your special chocolate kings.
also confused and lost in some non-chocolate sauce.
help us, all powerful source.
God. Jesus?
shepard, your sheep's are lost.
why are the things they teach us so... off.
you are with us through the suffering? tell me when will it get better? will we be stuck and comfortable one more week or will we suffer forever?
am i not supposed to question you?
then how will i know? .. &
how come the ones that do the most ugly never reap what they sow?
& why must we wait for heaven, when we're only sure about earth? i said why must we wait for freedom and happiness while we are content broken and hurt.
how can i not worry about the nation when they don't live as you say,
but things continue to go on the same everyday.
dear Jesus? please show mercy on your children.
actions speak louder, please show us that you love us.
please open our minds, & open our eyes and show us what's among us...
dear universal God,
lead your children to whats promised.
take the blindfold off our eyes, and give us hope for tomorrow.
rid us of the pain and sorrow,
make our hearts pure and make us royal.
everything we face make us question and make us wise.
be our guide. lead us,
mold us into true KINGS and QUEENS. less followers more leaders.
ranting at 4am. raw & real. honestly without having to even think about words to write, i wrote this effortlessly and its simple but its coming from such a genuine place in my heart with such genuine feelings i can't even explain.
NeroameeAlucard Jul 2016
Tell me do you know
How diamonds are formed?
After years of heat and pressure
Coal becomes so desirable

So black diamonds aren't rare
Rare in the slightest
Hell there's one walking down the street right now
Braided hair and skin so dark like Hershey's chocolate

Locks and supple lips and afros going across wide brown hips
Black diamonds walk among us, and believe me they're not to be missed
Janae Labree Apr 2015
I can't remember ever wishing I had lighter skin.
I was always amazed by the way they glowed;
all of those beautiful black women.
I observed other women, and yes,
they were beautiful too. They just....
Didn't have that "umph" about them.
You know, the way beautiful black women do.

I have endless people to thank,
My mom being on top of that list.
"Mini-me, you're so beautiful,
and don't you ever forget this."

Society is constantly throwing shade,
highlighting no one but the "Arian race".
Leaving beautiful black women embarrassed
and too ashamed to even look into the face
of the next pretty girl, and most importantly herself.

Spending countless hours comparing,
and harping on the imperfections.
Too big, too small, not good enough.
Never pointing out the features that she loves.

Let me be the first to tell you
in case you haven't heard,

Beautiful black queens, and
Black queens in the making, This is your world.
Everyone else is just living in it.
Love the skin you're in, because
truthfully, they'd love to be in it.

Rock your crown with confidence,
I see you shining from afar. And
if you don't love You,
Today is the perfect day to start.

— The End —