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Daniel Feb 12
Through gaps in the trees I can see Dublin's pier
The Poolbeg stacks are surprisingly clear
Striped and remote, their billowing clouds
are a silvery choke

Here where the roads aren't routes that I know
They are comforting so and offer some bearing
I am followed on high by that pairing

Towers over buildings, towers over pines
Those two yonder towers are the most
on my mind

Here where the leaves are dramatically red,
quietly falling and littering bends
Here where the birches are a heavenly white,
those two yonder towers are the most on my mind

No rest till I'm dwarfed by those towering twins
No rest till I'm flush with the deafening drink
There a horizon and sparingly strewn,
with buoys and boats; sitting strange in the gloom
xmxrgxncy Jan 2016
My heart flew out the window
In restless black and gold
To alight in the wet, crunchy snow
And languish in the cold.

My heart, my heart, alone it was,
Down there amongst the trees
The birches watched it die because
It'd forgotten how to breathe.
Written as I stared out the window in class today....

— The End —