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Katie Jun 24
They say you can't have it
Both Ways
But I beg to differ.

Do I like boys?
Do I like girls?
Do I like both?

So, what's the problem here?
Am I not being clear enough?

What about the word
Isn't getting through?

Do I like boys?
Do I like girls?
Do I like both?

Let's try this again.

Would you **** boys?
Would you **** girls?
Would you **** both?

I believe I already answered that.

Again, where's the problem?
What aren't you understanding?

What about the word
Don't you get?

Biromantic Asexual.

Do I like both?
Would I **** both?

Now then,
I think we're done here.
Pass the cake, please.

Or can I not have that, either?
Feeling validated is hard enough as is without hate from the very community that's supposed to accept you for... well, you.
zero Nov 2017
I can't concentrate because of your words,
the ones I can't help but listen too.
You say people are selfish
for loving two kinds of people, not one.
You say that it's confusing,
to like both sexes the same.

Like we need you to understand,
like we need your permission to like who we want to like

I never asked you at all.
To the girls on my English Lit course,

Hannah McGregor Jan 2017
"You know, lesbians don't like girls who can't make up their mind and
people won't trust you if you can't pick a side"
Can we press pause on the regular interrogation?
I am not a product that needs a label
I am human, waiting for my love story
and i am tired of the judgement placed before me.
Who i am attracted to does not concern you
because my love is not your love.

— The End —