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Diljeev Dec 2020
There you were
by my side watching me
wave my last goodbye,
pains my heart I won't get to
watch you wave yours.
To not see you draped
in your own charm,
as tears rolled down
your right eye as you wave
your last goodbye,
sadly it all ends,
with him getting
the best seat in the house,
holding your hand,
brushing his thumb on it
to console you,
as you cry in the light of
your last goodbye,
what I won't give god
to be him for this one night,
just to be there one last time
by your side watching.

- Diljeev
Madeline Thetard Jul 2020
in a masked world,
I smile with my eyes
and hope I don't come off unfriendly.
I laugh with my shoulders and
miss freedom
and play poker with God,
betting my life
as He ups the ante.
I hand him my bet
with chapped hands,
smelling like chemicals,
and risk my life
at Target.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
लिलामथा बाजारमे मेरी सारी दुनीया —२
बढ्कर भाऊ लगारहाथा सारी दुनीया

पहले मे समझ नसका ए क्या हो रहाथा
तमासा लग रहाथा हस् दिएँ फिर फजुलमे
लिलामथा बाजारमे मेरी भरी दुनीया

हमारी कामोका लगाथा पहेली बोली
सुन्कर आवाज बढी हो गया मे पसिना
तैला हमको किसिने रुपैया किसिले सोना
हाथ था शरिर मे मगर व विक्चुका था
साँस था जिस्म पर मगर मे एक लाश था
लिलामथा बजारमे मेरी भरी दुनीया

मनका लगाथा फिर दोस्री बोली —२
बढ् रहाथा भाउ मेरी उँची पर उँची
आधार मालुम कहाँ मुझको मेरा मनका
पल दो पलमे मन् नेभीे किया अलबीदा
साँसथा जिस्मपर मगर मे एक लाशथा
लिलामथा बाजारमे मेरीे भरी दुनीया

सपनोका लगाया फिर बाजारियोने बोली —२
दौलत निछावर हुवाथा मेरे उपर
खाबही देताथा मुझको जिनेकी चाहत
बगयर खाब हो गाया अब मे जानवर
साँसथा जिस्मपर, मगर मे एक लाशथा
लिलामथा बाजारमे मेरी भरी दुनीया
साँसथा जिस्मपर मगर मे एक लाशथा

लिलामथा बाजारमे  मेरी सारी दुनीया
Genre: Dark Gazal
Theme: Soul for sale || Dignity
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
I’m selling my soul
Let no bidder, intervene
No inquiry entertained
Theme: Spiritual Abstract | The ultimate where words can reach
Note: selection will be through conscience
With a heavy heart let me bid adieu my love
Henceforth we will not see each other now
Where from this dilemma came to us and how
Fortune takes it and in front of fate to bow

Whenever beauty is molested by dew drops
Soul goes to pieces and by dagger heart chops
No seeds of love needs to be sown for crops
Love and beauty are not commodities of shops

With cleanliness of heart I bid you but adieu
You appeared my love like moon out of blue
As you wish and aspire I will not ask to renew
Whatever relationship was that was but virtue

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

— The End —