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Israel Rivera Dec 2016
My mood is a helter-skelter
An endless series of ups and downs
There is no shelter
From this litany of smiles and frowns
There is no middle
What is today?
Just an endless riddle
Sunny or Gray? Cloudy or ***?
One thing I know for sure
I will just have to let it be
For me there is no cure
It’ll never set me free
Colten Sorrells Nov 2016
this battle has been won and I
appear to be just fine
but that's because you wouldn't care
to read between the lines


People always notice my glow, but in that light there is darkness
kenny Jun 2016
I drew the shades 
And shut myself 
off from the world 

Let me lay in the darkness
Of this abyss
I'd rather suffer here
Than out there 
With the rest of the world's *******

Somewhere in the back 
Of my mind I'm fixated
On my most ****** up failures

Nothing ever lasts
So don't get attached
Everyone leaves
So don't ever love

2 days in this bed
It was 3 days last week

Maybe tomorrow 
I'll feel a little more god-like 
When the wolves are at the door
This is basic. It doesn't even flow right, I know. My heads been cloudy lately and needed to vent
Colten Sorrells May 2016
my life packed in my guitar case
I left without a plan
I tire of being life's punching bag
I'm running out of sand

I'm tired of trying to please them all
it all just makes me sick
but when I try to stand my ground
I'm taken for a *****

since I found my serenity
they try to walk all over me
emerging from a life of sin
they all forgot just where I've been

I've really had about enough
they think I won't still **** them up
I'm wiser than I used to be
but there is still a beast in me

deep down I'm still the kinda guy
that you don't want to test
those same old demons still reside
right now they're just at rest

I've found a source of courage, too
that don't mean I'm not scared
I'm standing at the gates of hell
this time I came prepared

I still walk down the darkened path
but now I'm not alone
I've God and Satan by my side
wherever I may roam
From ~4/1/16~
SøułSurvivør Jun 2015

I'm going to be
off site a while

I'll be deep in prayer

I have a condition that is
creating havoc in my life right now

I'm sorry

SøułSurvivør May 2015








I'm sure sorry for the
erratic way I read on site

I have trouble keeping on
an even keel

Either i am too depressed
to read, or I'm hyper
and write and read
a blue streak

Please bear with me!
I will catch up on my
reading if I can!
Phoebe Seraphine Jan 2015
Night. All over his body.
Lithium lingers on the tongue.

Slow motion crawl into bed,
nothing for dinner except sleep.

His gaze. Colder than
the chill of a refrigerator.

He tells me he’d rather die
than **** me tonight.

Grabbing the fat that clings
under my chin, he tells me,

“Once I learn to love myself,
I promise I’ll love you next.”
Connor C Blake Sep 2014
I’m a thief.

A criminal mastermind vying for all the affections of dead poets and living sociopaths

Watching flesh fall off of my fingertips and flutter flawlessly to the floor.
Sewing on new skin like armor until a foreign face finds my eyes and smiles back

I’m in a perpetual state of identity crisis. I’m here and I’m there and I’ve be down while looking up and vice versa so many times
And so now my sense of direction has long rotted away and I’m left on my hands and knees sorting through the scattered remnants of me

And through it all, the rise and fall of an infinite wave whose name can be cleverly modeled on the back of a pill bottle, I still look down to the scrawled ink of a letter
It reads; “I swear I can be better”

And just when I look up to the moon for a cue on the tide’s change,
an anchor pulls me away and saves my sweet symphony for another sorrow soaked day
So I guess I’ll stay

See, even now, schizophrenia might be preferable because at least then I could give the voices in my head a name and shed some of this blame on someone else
The only thing I have left is my name

And even that is pouring out through cracks in my closed fist because I held it too tightly against my burning heart 
Somewhere inside I always knew it belonged to someone else from the start

But I stole it.

— The End —