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Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, listen to you when you speak or scream ;not me who said that:)

I wonder I ponder freedom bright
if what people read upon my sights

do they feel me in the ravens
because when I view others' dimes its a haven

even not poems on stones
novels have their power to sensate my bones

sour attachments I prize I pave
something to my heart to a  sweetest cinnamon save

Cal Ashiq Oct 2017
I've seen the demons you say that lingers with you
And all the worst things you probably knew
Yet even if it means I'd be with you in the depths of hell
Just as long as we are lost in an amour no one can tell

Should this desire be the death of me
It wouldn't matter in the name of love for thee
Let me be your Romeo and You my Juliet
Let us face together the torment destiny have set

I'll hold tightly these roses
Albeit with thorns for you I'd do my princess
Nothing tastes sweeter than a love like this
Being indelibly chained in a painful bliss
Olga Valerevna Jul 2015
The sadness won't collect
unless you settle in its path
And let it move around you
to remember where you sat
There's nothing but a story
you were hoping not to tell
your mouth begins to open
and the words become themselves
These little deaths are part of
what you need to understand
This life is but a moment
you will carry in your hand
The binding's in the middle
where your heart can keep it safe
And hold it all together
when your mind is far away
Before you see your body
fall apart until it dies
you'll find the only solace
is the sorrow that's inside
It just happened,,

Now whenever I see you,

I wish I could just be with you.

Oh! but I just realised that it is too late.

I just Hope I could take us back to where we were,

I wish I could just hold you, embrace you and tell you,

how much I love you.

— The End —