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rosecoloredpoet Mar 2018
You are the reason can't you see?
I am begging you please stop crushing me
I am so tired of this
I can't remember the last time I woke up feeling ready for the day
I must let you go
you don't even want to stay

This is unhealthy and I know it so why am I always coming back?
I thought I was stronger than this but I guess I was wrong I am just a hopeless wreck

I think I fell for the idea of you and I find it hard to believe that the things I thought about you were just a beautiful lie, my deepest wishes projecting onto you
Now all that's left for me is to cry
Years ago,
You filled Me
with nothing
But love
Years later,
You left me
With nothing
But hatred.. Yet,
I remember you.

Even in Hatred,
I remember you..
Am I? Am I

good enough? Looking at my reflection through this broken mirror. Maybe it's just showing me what I really am on the inside.

         I don't know... I never did. Slowly sliding down this brick wall, the coldness cooling down my heated flesh, Curling up into a ball wrapping my arms around me like its a life line.
        I mumble to myself "am I? Am I good enough?"  for you to hurt and betray me then I must not be.

     But that's ok, I can never say no to you no matter how hard I try. Your touch, your breath, your words... are like poison that runs through my veins.
      But its alright because for a moment I felt alive, not anymore, no those days are over. I'm dead inside. It's just an endless void of darkness swirling all around me that I can't seem to get out of.

     It's all right, I take last glance at my bleeding wrist and say to myself "I was never good enough anyways" slowly  my vision fades I'm starting to feel free, goes black.
CommonStory Aug 2014
A product of peace and propaganda

God of nothing

Hope, but don't expect too much

Chewed up and spit out

Like a favoured gum

Acknowledgment is lacking the knowledge if passion

Binded by free chains 

Silently screaming

I hope there is a lesson learned in all this *******

A vision of greatness

Despite arousing statements

We man hear then our trouser snake lifts

My heart beats fierce when I see your face or hear your name
I try not to let it, it just happens,
My brain has forgotten
But the memory or stored in my loving apparatus
Ever picture and caption
I remember what happened

The better I make you feel the more you ignore me
The **** is annoying

Patients is a virtue it won't hurt you a little bit
Practice the preaching
It's still all simple ignorance

You just want the reassurance
That you're beautiful
That you're smart 
That you're awesome
Or that 
Things aren't that bad 
Then you ignore us and that 
Isn't really a heavenly match

Say hi to the sunrise

And For mercies' sake

Let it die if you knows it's bleeding
-My loving apparatus

— The End —