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Speaking Eyes Nov 2019
I won’t die without you…
Because stop fighting would be not loving you…
Not a little…
You had given me so much life,
that I can't give you death...

This love is worth to fight
Nobody says it will be perfect…
We didn’t't thought it will hurt like this...

But here we are…
Fighting with love…
Building us again…
Loving our dark sides..
To my boy... To you CAAS
Sudeep Soparkar May 2019
What is your opinion if
Your knowledge meant nothing?
What if your life's work was
Not what you were calling?
In my mind I search Heaven, Hell
The Universe and the Earthly planes
My mind, my soul
Reasons for life
Philosophy and psychology
Where is all this leading me to?
Do I hold value for myself?
Or in the talks I have with myself?
Or am I just reasoning
Something, anything
I am almost 30
Not a college graduate
I take the train
I am not established in my career
I can go on a shopping spree though
That won't ease the pain though
It won't fill the void of black
Maybe I have been wrong all the time
All of those books
All of that time spent
Reading, writing, thinking
Imagining, feeling
Is in vain
I go to a thousand places
In my brains
Sometimes it is nowhere
No one knows
If zero is nothing
Doesn't that make it something?
Rangoli Saxena Apr 2018
The way is long
But I m strong
and I can be all
What I want.

Because I m fearless,
No, I need no ****
Have learnt forgiveness,
that makes me more strong

"Going on" and "let it go"
are two sides of the same coin,
you got to learn them both
to let yourself truly shine..

Future belongs to those
who can see it,
But Seeing ain't enough
Go, just create it.

Free yourself from cages
Cages you built within,
Have settlement with past
It's the only way to win.
M G Hsieh Mar 2016
I will not go
softly leaving the fallen and broach upon your sight;

I will not shiver
coldly waking at the gathering of a nihilating night;

I will not reason
lightly speaking your name and numbered days;

       I choose the wily river
       to bend and straighten the sounds
       of your longing breaths
       and ease the burden
       given by each willful caress.
M G Hsieh Mar 2016
Let water fall
forlorn down,

cascade sorrowful
past perpetual loss

sourced from wellsprings
that saturate pinnate lines

and sustain interstitial spaces
of silent missensed mourning.

Let sensate streams buoy
and suffuse afresh to rise

fertile, fecund, fulfilled.
Now wash the withered

and woeful
past away.​

— The End —