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Rizna M Rameez Jul 2018
There are a million ways
To perceive one thing

That's why I remain silent

Listening to yours
I don’t know why but I keep coming back to thoughts on this topic for like the past five years. I find it stupid as I don’t know thinking about the same thing for I don’t know. You perceive it the way you want to.
Nylee Jun 2017
Starting at the end
I restart journey back
again to think
how can it go right
from all wrong turns

Waiting will end just as bad
other things tried, failed
and I feel stuck now
within my own created hell
helpless to the passing minutes

Searching for the end
where it all began
to find some relief
and to finish
what never started
Maple Mathers May 2016
(All poems original Copyright of Eva Denali Will © 2015, 2016)
LaSandra Akesson Jul 2015
And so it began with a kiss, the mirror was one sided.

I beamed as your hidden intentions were kept from love's eyes.

I emptied my soul into your glass, but your thirst was not quenched.

Confused, I poured out even more, saving only my breath of life.

It was then my mind became clear, as the intoxication waned and the smoke screen lifted.

What was left of my dignity, I used to walk out of the door - not broken as you'd hoped...

But restored with a strengthened heart.
kailasha Nov 2014
I'm afraid I'll end up living a small life,
in a small place,
and my small dreams
are just what remain.
That when I'm decaying somewhere
far underground and returning
to where I began
All I'll be is a small memory
in just another brain.
The words I've scribbled (or typed)
will all be long gone.
the people I made smile
will be all far away.
I'm afraid of when
my small spirit starts to fade.
I am just sad and hopeless. -.-

— The End —