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AMBRIEL Oct 2019
I take a deep breath and released all my feelings away.
Removing all the love that I have for you and changing it into something new.

Putting all our memories inside a old rusty box with chains.
So one day I'll open it again and remember that we are once one.

Getting the key of the door in my pocket so I could now go out of your life.

Walking out in your life with a bittersweet smile and tears in my eyes.

As I walk away I still thank God for letting me meet you and be a part of my life.

Looking at the stars where we all started to bind our so called love
And smile because they align just like how our life starts to align now.

Looking at the sky as the sun is saying bye just like how I bid my last goodbye.

It was a pleasure to be a part of your life, now I have to let you go.
Go back to your rightful partner and spend the rest of your life with her.

Be happy and smile bright because you're back in your home.
Be positive enough because you found your positivity.

Be grateful of second chances because you had the second chance to be with her.

Now it's my time to bid goodbye, bye to our love but let the friendship remain.

— The End —