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ilo Dec 2019
bp bp bp bp
footsteps nearing me
why do i get nervous
bp bp bp bp
i’m alone
my heartbeat again
bp bp bp bp bp bp bp

i haven’t been sleeping
but i sleep good when i do
lots of dreams lately
but they’re all too realistic

i’ve been daydreaming about vietnam:
i’m following this lady
who sells bananas on a bike
she’s leading me through the bazaar
to find man who sells spice
spice man just cracked a watermelon
the juice running down his hands
the aroma strong, clean
i can’t speak vietnamese
but i wonder how much he’d haggle
on a wedge

this morning on my cold walk
air blew back my rusty hair
i was purposeful tardy
but i was happy
i saw the browned ginkgo biloba leaves
limp by my feet
-they’re lucky you know, the ginkgo leaves
and i wondered if banana woman had ever seen ginkgo
Donna Jun 2018
Once upon a time
there was a winter jacket
called Penelope

she loved the winter
with it's icy breeze and soft
dull grey rainy days

When her human wore
her , she loved the feel of her
snuggly warm skin

especially when
her human put up her hood
just like a rainbow

she felt like she was
standing at the top of an
big awesome mountain

catching soft snowflakes
and splashes of raindrops that
twinkled just like stars

But she was angry
that her human had left her
hanging on a hook

One day she unhooked
herself and jumped out of a
small open window

she walked down the street
and was surprised to see so
many lovely trees

The sky was lovely
blue she couldn't help but feel joy
And flowers smiled too

so she picked one and
tied green stem around one of
her jacket buttons

She loved how summers
happy colours made her feel
making her pockets

turn into smiles
Even the stitching on her
hem turned into smiles

O she loved it so
much she even had humans
waiting  to shake her

sleeves , she'd strolled down the
road with the warm sun beating
down on her jacket

And a squirrel got
involved and pretended to
be the jackets head

which made the birds laugh
and dragonflies too , who sat
on a chopped up tree

giggling so much
that the squirrel threw some nuts
which then rebounded

back at the squirrel
leaving a bump on his head which
made him laugh out loud

Penelope laughed
to , she watched the sun go down
and stars twinkle bright

Maybe hanging on
a hook isn't so bad , so
she went back home , climbed

back through window and
hooked her self back up again
and felt contented

All through summer she
told her winter jacket friends
of her adventure

All her winter friends
sighed with a smile hoping one
day they can to go

outside in summer
and visit the pretty trees
and warm lovely sun

But for now there just
so happy to listen to
Penelope's great

day out in the sun
that they held sleeves and kept each
other company
Inspired on a summers day by lots of winter coats hanging on coat hook in living room :)))
I think it's kinda weird  though z

— The End —