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D Holden Jul 2017
Gliding through glistening ripples,
mirroring the milky blue from above.
Viewing the world side-on,
yet gracefully moving forwards.

Golden corn wave their hello.
The passing landscape rolls like revolving stage scenery,
painted by the finest.

She rests at her pilot’s will,
then moves forward once again;
gliding through glistening ripples.
Serenity Elliot Sep 2014
Floating on a grand barge,
Watch the man that’s in charge,
Pride and power in his voice.
The hammock gently swings,
Swaying in the wind,
Was this your final choice?

The animals are creating noise,
Barge-hands who look like boys,
The current’s getting stronger.
Flies settle on your damp chest,
Is this some sort of regal test,
Close your eyes a moment,

Just listen to the breeze.

You’re here, it’s here
They are, all here,
No one really cares.
Dream of a storm, can you hear?
There is no need for you to fear
Fingers on the rippling surface,
Drops like tears
You know now that it’s too near,
The diamond sky is just too clear.
Watching the shore fade, hear the cheers

You’re leaving dear.
Kyle Kulseth May 2014
Woke up in a dream under asphalt trees
soaked in the sap of the sweltering city
wearing these old rat rags
               and sneering at the concrete
Greyscale mindset stitched into my sleeve

This town'll ******' **** ya
               and drop a coin on your grave
dig your way up to the daylight
and hang on to your *****

                    Waking up
                    Snapping out.
                   It's not so easy, is it?
                  Waking up and snapping out...

The barge is afloat on the sidewalk streams
Burns in the summer, ******* doused in Spring
the bums puke in corners
               children ***** in the alleys
Sinking hulks. "Abandon ship!" on the galleys

These waves'll ******* **** ya
and pull you down in the deep
this dream ain't worth waking for
        But we can't get to sleep.

— The End —