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Aniahs Machell Sep 2019
i want things to be normal, but they never will be.
and i just want to cry, i wish you never kissed me.
i wish you would have never pretended to like me, or care for me
because i could see on your face today that you clearly never did.
i just wish you never would have tried to.
it hurts so bad that i am starting to wish i had listened to the people telling me not to talk to you, two years ago.
i wish i could go back in time and undo it all and i am sure you do too..
Xxero Feb 2019
If i could go back in time
would my mistakes always haunt my mind?
step by step; i'm closer every day
Tomorrow seems a million miles away
I wish I’d known you longer,
Met earlier, been stronger.
I wish I’d not spent those years,
Without you, with all those fears.

I wish that our paths had crossed,
Met earlier, I’d been lost.
I wish I’d have had the chance,
Without you, knew not romance.

I wish I had known your name
Met earlier, it’s a shame.
I wish I’d known who you were
Without you, past life’s a blur.

I wish that though we never
Met earlier, forever
I wish endless love and so
Without you, I never know.
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Arcassin B Dec 2014
By Arcassin Burnham

Always the outcast,
Suicidal like outlast,
Hard to earn cash,
I'm just saying,
Never going anywhere,
Nobody did care,
The bullies wouldn't dare,
I'm just saying,
Hateful grandmother,
Distant grandfather,
With them I wouldn't bother,
I'm just saying,
Had a hard life,
Swear I wanted to die,
Trying to get by,
I'm just saying,
If you don't know what I'm saying,
To you,
I'll dig a grave for you.

— The End —