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Karijinbba Jun 2019
What we don't know will
harm us faster then we blink.
Whatever you do for pity's
sakes run if in danger call out "help" socorro, auxilio, ayuda
in any language needed!!
yell knock on doors
take on arms knife rock
defend your life but above all a childs life in danger
yours or not defend it
if you can pets lives matters too
love live constantly
in awarenes that not all is as it appears to be with others
theres meaning in everything
thats spoken or covertly done
pray unstapably day and night
rest vigilant until
you find safety but move put
and then dance to the tune of freedoms peace
seek timely justice
of civil rights violations don't be naive too trusting too distrusting
see the clues of good or right
or bad and wrong in all carbon units at home and with
all strangers alike
test friends in the spirit
ask them many questions
bad entities aren't too clever
their clues of deceit are always in plain view if you are
meditating with eyes
half open
half closed mind allert awake
you'll live like I did just for pity's sakes don't wait too long for weird elements to change
or grow a heart they won't
and you and your dear ones could be harmed irreparably
or perish loosing all other treasures if your spirit remains broken too long
If you lose accept defeat
triumph will arrive in another
believe it and it will come.
Bt Karijinbba
Sometimes all we have left is knowing other many souls thirst for love
of friend mother brother sister
in the sages willing to offer it.
stay blessed always.
chiquinquirá Apr 2018
el viento me arrastra, no se exactamente a donde
aparezco en una endidura pequeña
me sostengo para no caer, mis garras se aferran a lo desconocido
estoy cansada y ya no se a donde ir

escucho voces, suenan mas como
                                                                ruidos sin sonido

contemplo mi alrededor y todo es oscuro
(tengo miedo)
dejo que el pánico se apodere de mi
revoloteo hacia cualquier direccion
pidiendo ayuda
decido permanecer calmada
pero sin dejar de temer
sin dejar de gritar

supongo permanecere aqui por un tiempo
hasta que descubra el camino de regreso
hasta que mi alma resista.
esta va para la pequeña paraulata que se cuela por el tragaluz de mi casa, resulta que las dos nos parecemos mucho

— The End —