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Antonia Caldow Jun 2018
Take a bow, son
Seize the day
The hard work is over, done
Take a bow, you won.

Take a bow, son
You made the move
A though, a breath, a voice
Take a bow, you made the choice.

Take a bow, son
No, listen hard to me
Know it's true, the decisions been made
Take a bow, the price is paid.

Take your bow
I made the move
It was my choice to make
Take your bow, for fates sake.

Take your bow
My mind is thrown
This feeling I have, odd and strange
Take your bow, take back the change.
Purple Rain May 2015
Perfect perfections
One woman once made a connection,
Not to me, but the world
You see,
She found the key within her complexion  
For her whole life she faced rejection,
She wasn't "YOUR" definition of perfection
Your definition of perfection,
kept her from discovering her own

You kept her captive by your desperation,
to hurt her with your words of stone
For a short period of time you destroyed her throne
But now she has a voice of her own
The words that are made of stone
You get trapped by the sound of the drone

"Perfect perfections"
She stares into her reflection,
At her complexion
And says
" I have Perfect perfections"
Becky Littmann Mar 2015
A true friendship is quite rare
As are the priceless memories you share
The ones only you two can make
They're a person you're 100% real
with, no need to be fake
& you'd be lost without them
They're a one of kind gem
No one could take their place
Instead you'd rather just leave it an empty space
You both share a bond so strong
Even when things go a little wrong
& of course they sometimes will
Life won't always be so chill
You won't always agree
Eye to eye won't be what you see
Which may start up a tiny fight
over who's wrong & who's right
Don't let it build up & build inside & stir
Communication is always going to be key
always do this
It's by far better than getting lost in silence
What you may notice
Might be blurry to them  & out of focus completely oblivious
Nonchlant hints, unfortunately, they miss
Whenever you've wandered away from yourself & who you are
Your bestie won't let you wander too far
A true friendship is worth repair
Their life & wellness matter because you truly care
You'll go through hell & back together
Overcoming & living life side-by-side forever
No matter what obstacles you encounter
Making you both stronger & wiser after
A friendship that's always going to be worth it
Eachother you just get
You're one in the same
& glad they came
Before you disappeared for good
Leaving things misunderstood
BUT, since words were written read & spoken
...the silence was BROKEN

— The End —