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Kai Feb 2018
mother forgive me
for making you bandage my cuts

father forgive me
for crying against your chest
when im supposed to me strong

friends forgive me
for lying to you and
saying im okay

body forgive me
for cutting
you when you're the only body i have

avery forgive me
for not writing to you
while you were in the hospital
because i was too afraid my letter
would sound too much
like your 13th suicide note

reader forgive me
for making you read my poetry
for involving you in my pain
for making myself into nothing
in front of all of you

god forgive me
for i am sinful
for i am greedy
for i bleed

teachers forgive me
for being a sad kid
for writing poetry depicting
myself bleeding roses and
arms lined with pearls

forgive me
forgive me
forgive me
forgive me
just asking for some forgiveness

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Tryst Jan 2016
Give me a line and a Wisconsin dime
And I'll plea till I'm free as I'm doing my time
And I won't chase the man for a stogie or can
When I leave this box of mine

Give me the fudge of a Wisconsin judge
With a hole in his soul and his wink and his nudge
And his steadfast denial of a right to fair trial
And his will that will not budge

Give me the hope of a Wisconsin rope
And a beam and the dream of the chance to elope
To the land of the free in a plot 'neath a tree
On a fishing river *****

— The End —