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Rowan S Jan 23
The mist filled gaps
Of my mind
Leave small open doors
Count down slowly
      And slip
Friar Tom Dec 2018
Arthur's kingdom, bright, so clearly shines
Among the grassy knolls of Briton
The Round-Table knights patrol the land
That Ol' Winter has clearly bitten.

With poor peasants freezing in their shacks
Their love for Arthur keeps them smitten
They don't remember the last they saw
Of the Almighty King of Briton.

The Round-Table knights now carry guns
And your tales have all been rewritten.
Oh what must we do to summon back
Our old sleep-stricken king of Briton?

The world is different now, my Lord
And in new tales may you be written.
With sword in hand, Lord please striketh down
The ****** New-Rulers of Briton.
For Avalon, for Albion
OpenWorldView Dec 2018
Rust-hued sparks rise
from love fueled pain forge
into cloudless night,
merging with distant stars.

And my heart’s dreams follow
as white silky smoke.
Climbing ever higher
in search for eternal happiness.
Have dreams and embrace them. Even if they seem out of reach.
Kenshō Sep 2014
Over that wide arched hill
I will chase after thee.
Through wooded groves;
Through freckled fields of flowers,
Green, thick-barked towers!

¡Voyaging vagabonds!
Ahoy, we have entered the sacred ground.
The holy artifact is found inside,
As well as temples all around!
It is official! The Skies of Heaven have kissed the ground!
.Some light to equalize.

— The End —