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Austin Barker May 2017
Her laugh
gives a high that lasts
her smile makes this beast go wild
her kind words quite the whispers
the world disappears
when its me and her
she is playful
and to her I'm always loyal
for her ill go through trial
just to make her smile
ill fight all her fights
no matter day or night im there
i hold her when she is scared
even with the little things i care
her scars are just of who she is
and she has a cute little kid
i wanna be his daddy
if she would have me
she makes me fly again
for her i would give everything again and again
everyday she has made
she is mine
and man is she fine
an Angel unaffected by time
I'm her's forevermore
she holds the key to my hearts door
i didn't have to give her a tour of me
she already new me

— The End —