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Oh My God, they’re Home, I will not starve!
I’ve got to let them know I love them so!
Oh wait, they’ll know, ‘pon seeing the **** I carved,
And seeing my lovely *** Art in the Snow!
Will they notice if I jump up High?
Maybe I should stick to making art
And paint their faces with my slobber dye!
Or show my love, perhaps with a quiet ****?
Oh Lord, my tail! my tail!  Where is it now?
Where’s Mom? Where’s Dad? I thought they were right here!
Should I stop jumping? But I don’t know  how.
Perhaps start barking? Wait, I see a deer!
For all the Love they show me every day,
I still feel ‘lone when they’re not here to play.
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
Those Aussies
Don’t keep a secret
Their police officers
Are called
Just some ridiculous stuff I came across. They actually do that! Like I don’t have anything against officers but that’s some wicked SASS right there.
Julie Grenness Mar 2016
What do Australians do well?
At the football we really yell,
All sports have cast their spell,
We are all quite laconic,
With work, it's really platonic,
We love a long weekend,
We wish holidays never end,
We even have a public holiday,
For our horse racing day,
Yes, that's Melbourne Cup Day.
What do Australians do well?
Well, we welcome all, do tell,
One multicultural southern land,
Progress changed us to helping hands,
We can work hard, and play hard,
Looking for weekends too far,
We Aussies do lots of stuff real well,
Yes, Australia has cast its spell.
Bit of patriotic patriotism. Feedback welcome.

— The End —