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Erik Aug 2018
There was once a time;
A time when I believed.
I believed that there was something worth living for.

There was a time when I was not like this,
When it was an uphill battle to tear myself from my bed every morning.
When attending school was a notion so frightening;
I would lock myself away in my closet.
The sweet solitude of undisturbable darkness still yet sings to me,
Calling my name, every hour, of every day.

A time when I thought that my path must become better than this;
When I could see a light in the distance,
A light to fight for, to live for.

And now, I’ve found it;
Yes, I’ve found the light that once only I could dream of.
In my hands I held it, clutching it to my heart;
The happiest and most content I can recall ever being.

Yet, as soon as it was called my own,
It was gone.
For, after my whole life,
I progressed to the light, indulged in it, bathed in it.
And soon, the rest of my path was just as bright as my light;
Now my path is just as it once was,
A dark, cold, and dreadful place.
Except this time, there is no light to be seen.
Feeling Real Jul 2015
it was 100+ lines anyway
i wrote this in the lyrical style of twenty one pilots and la dispute
Feeling Real Jun 2015
I deserve the whole ******* world
and my circumstances leave me
in trees, waiting to jump
or already crumpled leaves

It is fall in my spring
my choices are always to sit, to sleep
to wait quietly for the opportunities I need
but what ever comes is quick to leave

I feign emotion, like I care
like any of that matters
I only crave excitement and opportunity, really
the reality of existence has me believing
in a fake life

Was anything ever interesting
after the wars or the dead bodies
after the piles of ****** hot beings
after I found myself to be lacking

I'd rather die
I'd rather exalt a dangerous ruler
I'd like to attach myself to danger
I'd like to cause some sort of tremor the heart
of man

Nothing is interesting anymore
Nothing holds my attention
How many times can I read the same story
How many times can I pretend I hold affection
that I am unaffected
that I am sociable
that I care
that I am
that I exist
that I am I
I am not
I am it

I am a fake

I desire change
was gonna call this one antisocial personality disorder

— The End —