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Cecilia Jones Mar 2016
The tree smells like petrichor in a forest full of lost hope and memories.
The tree tastes like old berries macerated into a thick liquid.
The tree looks like twisted branches reaching desperately towards the sky.
The tree feels like gnarled bark beneath one’s fingers
The tree sounds like a bird which sings no more.
I had to write a poem for school only to find out I based it on the wrong setting of a book, so I decided to post it here. (Petrichor is the smell of rain.)
ShowYouLove Dec 2014
Everywhere I look: poverty, war and sickness
The only news on T.V. is negative. What is this?!
I feel so sorry for the poor, and hungry and lame
But I must remember Jesus has called us each by name.
Heart to heart; to love one another
Hand in hand as sister and brother.
It breaks my heart to see them suffering
I help because it is a good thing.
“They need more because they have less”
And realize later that God knows best.
Because while they might be “poor” and not have much,
They are rich in love and such.
Theirs is a faith so pure, and strong, and true
How poor I really was I never had a clue.
Now I can say in all honesty:
I gained a new perspective the day that you helped me!
written several years ago after not being able to go on ASP (Appalachian Service Project) for one reason or another. Response to and reflection of some of what I have realized through my experiences on the service project
ShowYouLove May 2014
Two different churches, two denominations
Two separate cities, a real conglomeration
Coming together to help those in need
First as strangers replaced by fast friends indeed
And we, though many, begin to be one

Throughout work and during play
Dew in morn, crew time at end of day
Working side by side, laughing, crying, sharing,
Praying, growing, changing, and above all: caring
And we, though many, are becoming one

Sharing a meal, the churches; they two
A common bond is shared between me and you
New friends are made as time goes along
Doubting no longer; happy you were wrong
And we, though many, are nearly one

A family we are now: close knit and firm
Through our experiences, much we have learned
A power there is, far great than any;
That makes beautiful the one with the many
And we, who were many, are now as ONE!

— The End —