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Ashna Alee Khan Oct 2016
I buried you today
Now it's time to walk away
And leave this all behind.
A life that once held sunshine
Is black and full of hate
As I buried you today
I took everything you once gave me
And I put them in the grave
When I buried you today.
Every memory, every picture
Everything that was you
I put in a box and I buried
That box with you.
I buried you today
Ashna Alee Khan Sep 2016
Kabhe pucha hay apnay app say kay tumnay kitnay waday torhay hein?
kabhe pucha hay apnay app say kay kitnay logouin ka dill tora hay?
kabhe pucha hay apnay app say kay tumnay apne eik nazar say kis kis ko apne he
nazrouin mein gerayya hay?
- nae pucha nah? kese din pucho gay nah tou mrnay ka dill chahy ga, zindage kay
naam say chirnay lago gay.
Kabhe pucha hay kay tum Zindage kay naam per eik beyqaar zindage jee rahay
hou? aur phir kehthy hou ''yaar kya krien zindage he esse hay''. Kabhe Zindagi
ke kitaab ko khol kr tou dekho kya kya rakha hay uiss mein. Zindage bahot he
haseen hay sirf hum masroof hein apne duniya mein wou duniya jis mein kuch
nahe sawaye humaray. Ajj loug dusrouin ke mintein krtay hein kay ''ruk jau''
''na jau'' jb kay mery khayaal mein ye loug bhul chukay hein kay '' jis ko jana hay
uis ko jana hay chahy tum apne jaan kyun na deh dou''. Ajj tou logouin ke
zindage andhere hojaate heh jab koe uinka ''dost'' ya ''yaar'' chor jaye aur wo uis
khuda ko bhool jaatay hein jis nay uis ko usse ''dost'' ya ''yaar'' say milaya tha.
Hum loug tou apnay Khuda ko bhe bhul chukay hein. Wo Khuda jis kay pass
humnay waapis jana hay wo Khuda jis kay bagheir humare koe ukaat nae.
Barhay Unchay gharouin mein reh reh kr apnay app ko Khudha samjhna shuru krdeya hay humnay.
Ess zamaanay mein koe kese ka Dost nae hota barha Dost Dost krtay hou na jab doob rahay hou gay
kudhe dekhna kay sab DOST tamasha dekh rahay hogein aur tum zindage ke tarf aanay ke bher-poor
koshishein kr rahay hou gay, tab apnay app say puchna kay ye wo DOST thay jin kay leye tum apnay
maa-baap say laray? uin kay samnay uncha bolay? sharmindage hoi? Ajj hum itnay ''self-obssessd''
hein kay dusrouin ko dekh kay lagta hay chunte jitni ukaat hay uiss ke. Hum apne he Duniya mein
bahot dur nikal aayein hein, asal duniya say bekhabar, asal dostouin say hum la-taluq ** chukay hein.
Hum ajj apnay app mein he kho chukay hein. Apnay rab ko humnay kho deya. Rab ko kho deya matlab
Sub kuch kho deya  ! tou abb hamaray pass koe raasta hay?
-Haan wou rab 5 martaba bulaata hay tumhein apne taraf, jau uiss ke taraf aur apne ASAL ZINDAGE
ke taraf waapse aou.
Ashna Alee Khan Aug 2016
It's really cold
I'm really tired

I'm restless at the same time,
I remain uninspired.

Hope draining from my eyes
the tide out to sea.

Placed on a bed of wilted flowers
a white sheet covering me.
Ashna Alee Khan Aug 2016
AND i saw her dancing in the rain,
How gorgeous she was,
her eyes were shining like a bright sun...
her hair fliping over and over,
taking my breATH AWAY.

Ashna Alee Khan Aug 2016
welcome to the life and times of a lost soul. We were born in error. We were never wanted, but we came anyway. We were left alone. We had siblings, but they were not the same as us. Except for the fact that we were all alone. How to feel happy, when the first sensations of feelings that come from others are those of regret? How then to feel after, when this is all that is felt by those who know us later in life? We were little like you, we were hungry like you. Why were we not fed? We learned to take. We learned to not need you. Even after learning how to take, we found that we would never have. We learned not to need.
   Sorrow is a comforter that we snuggle into during the bed of night that keeps us. Death sings to us a lullaby. We sing along, knowing the chorus of voices that accompany us are not our own. They who remain unseen are our knowledge, when none thought that we should learn. They who are unseen tell us where to look and find the things that should be known not. Show us the secrets of everything under the sun, and also the truths of all that hides under the cloak of night. We cannot close our eyes; We have no eyelids.
   We grow up in the same world as you, though your eyes look through us. We cry, we scream. We shout of things that you know nothing of. You tell the air where we are supposed to be that we are wrong. You do not see us or the things that we see. You do not hear our words. We have no tongue.
Ashna Alee Khan Aug 2016
I was a spider
I was the Sun
I was a pagan
I was a traveler
when I was all
I was none..
Ashna Alee Khan Aug 2016
I see him at his best
but I also see him at his worst.
I see him when he can't stand the world
and when he can't stand himself.
I see him when he yells for nothing
and when he yells for everything.
I see him when everything goes from fine
to crashing down around him.
I see it
but I can't stop it.
Ashna Alee Khan Aug 2016
My mind is numb,
my soul is numb,
my body is numb.
All I could do is to
drink and think of you.
All I'm left out with is
that bottle of Jack Daniel's
and last night memories.
Do you remember that night?
when we sat under the Moon,
hands in hands, taking promises
from each other and taking promises
from love, not to leave us alone.
I remember where stars took us,
I remember we sat on the edge of
that waxing crescent and talked
about our dreams, passion, love
and about us.
I remember the wind
was so wild and young,
I remember how the wind
danced with us.
But now that we are not there today,
the moon is going to bleed,
so have you packed your things
and are you ready to die?
Ashna Alee Khan Aug 2016
Feelings fade,
people change,
Happiness becomes part of our past,
Sadness becomes part of our daily routine
and then we get lost in our own darkness,
believing that we'll live again but the bitter truth is
that we dont live again,
instead of living again,
we die again and again.
Our souls are killed by our own hands
and then we ask
'' Am I the murderer of my happiness?''
and then the reply comes
-''you know the answer very well'' .

— The End —