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james nordlund Aug 2019
Minutiae of life, betwixt

Sacred and profane in the mundane,

If lustless, miraculous disdained,

Evolves at it's own clip

Giving the unseeing eye the slip,

A crysalis of sorts,

Caterpillaring into

Butterflying love.
the corporate structure's convolution's devolutionary direction doesn't have to sociologically through to societally program anyone, not even for a moment, if we choose only not to be   :)   reality
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
Every morning
We woke up

And believe on dreams
And everyday magic
And find a reason
And being aware
Adopt the art
Of inhale, exhale
Mastering a balance
And it makes sense
Genre: Experimental
Theme: And this is life
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Art Of Living, Touching Lives
s s f w s May 2018
In a pornographic poem
ee cummings wrote
may i feel ,
Fell the nicest of the rhymes into
Brooks of sholas
Untidy caveman and lady in water
Heard the words in the streams
Though evaporated few from the stream
There stood ee Cummings on the banks
With the inks for liquid state
Somewhere he again stood
With the inks for gaseos state
Aftermath of reading the verses of sanity. And the Cycle continues liquid gas liquid gas liquid. Poem verses are heard by many , are being heard live and many to be heard. Embrace the moments Past, Present and Future . Prosper
Leah Sep 2014
i get high on love and travel with happy pills

how do people know
when if they're absolutely in rotting misery?

i wish it'd be possible for us
to measure the exquisite feelings
of raw emotions
and let us know
when it kicks off

i mean, what i'm trying to say, i suppose,
is i won't stand motionless
as life passes by
nor become a predator of my mind
none of us should

again, do tell me,
how do people say
when they're feeling like
floating around
the ocean
and nothing else?
draft but visible to anyone on hellopoetry until the end of September, 2014.

— The End —