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Ezra Yelverton Oct 2018
We were standing still, you armored in my arms.
The stage in front of us was brightly lit
but the faces around us I could not see;
we danced while the world revolving around us changed.
I whispered song lyrics in your ear and
your body language prompted me to hold you closer.
So, I did.
For a moment I was sure you were in bed with me
because the air around me smelled of you.
Lost in your fragrance,
I didn’t notice the scene around us change.
Even in a new setting the only person
my eyes could adjust to was you.
Beautiful Woman.
You turned to face me and lay your head gently on my chest.
All while I wore a coy smile.
I felt your hand on the back of my neck
as you raised to the tip of your toes to kiss me.
Just before our lips met, I woke up.
You make me nervous, even when I dream.
Jenny Aug 2015
His walks were valiant
That's how he paraded in my mind
A unique specimen,that could only be found on the edge of something sublime
The way the words rolled out of his mouth like dice,and funny enough he always hit a double 6!
He was always armored and ready for lifes bitter-sweet rivals.
But when I dug deep beneath into his soul I found his heart,it was warm
His heart is the one place I had to journey to
I needed to know the source of his strength and greatness!
So he spoke about kissing my delicate flower
I told him those kisses are wicked and he told me. That its the door way to my soul
I couldn't. Fathom why he wanted to enter
And he told me that he needed to find my heart because he needed to know the source of my strength and greatness!
That's what happened when he saw himself in me and further dug deeper,not to know who I was,but to further know who he was!

— The End —