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Felicity Sep 13
I ask you if you are okay
I can see the pain
You hide in your eyes
But all you say is "I'm fine"
But the truth is
I know you are not fine
Why can't you tell me
What is wrong
I can't stand watching you hurt
And feeling helpless because
I can't ******* help you
And stop trying to push me away
I want to be able to help you
But if you keep lying
Then I can't help you
So let's try this again
Are you okay?
phoenix Dec 2019
are you okay?
have you been able to sleep?

every night I stare at my phone
as it all becomes about you
every day I continue on
just as I did before

you always thought you controlled me
you never believed me when I told you
I stood my own ground

but ill always wish ever night
I could look you in the eyes
and ask you

are you okay?
have you been able to sleep?
I had a nightmare last night,
Filled with death and fear,
With danger and falling,
Only for a message to appear.

And suddenly I'm in her room,
Panicked and afraid,
Her room is empty and bare,
Apart from a short poem taped to the wall,
To my Mum who will find I don't live here any more,
The next two lines unclear in my mind,
But the final line stands out bold,
I've found hope with you my love.

Underneath a hasty drawing,
Of animals in the wild,
And of one lone wildebeest,
Daring to trust,
In the nature of a falling elephant,
To keep her from falling herself.
But I'm not sure the elephant was strong enough.

I know that sounds strange,
But this was a dream after all,
Even so I'm worried my love,
So if you see this please respond,
And tell me you haven't left home,
And you're not leading your life alone,
Because only my words can reach you from here,
And I'm afraid that when finally I'm near,
You'll have disappeared.
Seriously, are you alright?
This dream isn't made up

— The End —